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Recent content by Alteco

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    New game Empire & allies

    [Bot] First E&A Bot Release telah release Empires & Allies Bot Ver0.01beta silahkan kesini >> :thank_you:
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    New game Empire & allies

    ada ga ID empires agan-agan disini.. muncul notice kyak gini Your account was found to be in violation of our Terms of Service, Section 1.9(a) . As a result, some stats on your account have been adjusted. In order to protect the integrity of the game, adjustments are made in cases where our...
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    New game Empire & allies

    how to get unlimited coin in empires&allies with the streakbonus Charles & Patch CALCULATOR ONLINE :yu: jika berguna cukup + +
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    New game Empire & allies

    minta izin saya tambahin dikit sob Calculator Online>> [penting] 1.5 x level kamu x 55 = hasil
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    New game Empire & allies

    bagi yang mencoba ini tutor pas buangetz alis work .. seklai refresh x50.000 coint :yahoo:
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    New game Empire & allies

    Empires & Allies Ask Link's
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    salam kenal sebelumnya..

    salam kenal sebelumnya..
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    New game Empire & allies

    cuma mw bantu agan-agan disini yang blum punya botnya New Empiries&allies versione 1.2 Empire & allies hack yang blm punya net framework 4
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    salam kenal bro, aku wong bengkulu jugo...wqwq

    salam kenal bro, aku wong bengkulu jugo...wqwq
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    kota yg mana tuh ??? item langka yah.. kalo dulu cuma p unya Flower guanyu spear sama lucky ring apa gt lupa namanya.. hihihihi..
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    9 Dragon

    Yang Diatas Nggak bisa lagi kk... pas loading Login Name Nyang Keluar adalah Memory Address Error :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious: :hilarious:
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    Trainer Shio Book

    @Mas Takim Bikin Juga Dunk Trainer Ganti Prajurit Di Ruang Pertempuran... Kan Seru Tuh..
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    XDropV2 By SonZ. Limited Edition

    sakit hati yah... kasihan de... makanya JANGAN PERNAH lagi... menjelekkan hasil karya orang... sebagai Bukti CT200S <<--- dah bagus di kasih ide Powerboot, malah di jelekin (Dhynasti akhirnya hijrah ke SEAL) Trainer Nya Last Hero <<--- bikin Drop Trainer... malah di jelekin juga... (LastHero...
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    XDropV2 By SonZ. Limited Edition

    Salut deh buat si Om.. TOSS buat si OM CIAN :D :D