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Nyit-nyit.net is 1st Indonesian games forum software portal and community dedicated to gamers and programmers.

Nyit-nyit.net was founded in January 2003 - an independently owned and supported by non profit organization content and solution - 'founded and run by users for users', We provide a broad range of software's to gamers and programmers. We are more active in year 2008.

Nyit-nyit.net is one of the top 329 visited websites by Indonesian according to Alexa.com (Data from 04 December 2010). This forum has spent about more than 7 years in building such an independent and a large community. Operating as one of the biggest gamers and programmers communities in Indonesia was extremely challenging task for an independent and a small team. We are thrilled to have such an experience team to provide better services to our members. Over last two year, the number of visitors has tripled.

We'd like to thank our members, staff, moderators and advertisers who have contributed to our success and to anyone who is going to support us in the future.

Our Board Statistics

Total Posts: 887055
Total Topics: 59367
Total Members: 49053
Online At Once Record:  87522  @  08 November 2010 - 07:34 PM

Data on 03 Desember 2010 21:00WIB

Nyit-nyit.net visualized

- If Nyit-nyit.net were a country, it would be larger than Dominica
- 1 in every 22,321 internet users visit Nyit-nyit.net daily
- What stadium can be use for Nyit-nyit.net users ?
Gambar Terposting
Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas has a seating capacity of 80,000. A photo above is a good illustration of what a crowd of 77,683 daily nyit-nyit.net visitors would look like if they all gathered in one place.

Advertising Opportunities

Nyit-nyit.net offers a broad range of advertising opportunities across the site. Advertisers can achieve mass reach to our Indonesian audience or target a specific audience segment (ie games, technology) within a range of any content except religious, politic and S A R A (racism, hatred, etc)

Booking & Material Deadlines

All standard display creative needs to be submitted no later than 5 days prior to going live. All non standard ad sizes need to be submitted 10 working days in advance. If you're interested in working with us please email to [email protected] for Nyit-nyit.net Media Kit

We currently offer several methods of Advertising, through Google Adsense, Adf.ly, Smowtion, Ad4Game, Kliksaya, Admax, Innity for large (728x80, 468x60, 120x600 & 300x250) ad sizes that appear site wide. If you are interested in purchasing a campaign at N3 email is and you will be contacted within 5 business days.

Additionally we are also enrolled in the Indowebster Ads program.

Why We Display Advertising

Nyit-nyit.net is in every sense of the word a 2 way street, the visitors ensure we can stay online by visiting and allowing the ads to display (ad blockers are detected by our publishers and we don't get paid for blocked ads). It's our duty to invest that revenue back into the site as we've been doing for the past 2 or 3 years, which has in turn offered stability far beyond anything we had before 2003.

For a detailed discussion on the issue, its pro's and cons by our members & staff please refer to this forum topic on the subject.

Official Office N3 Community

Suite 1216, 401 Docklands Drive
Docklands VIC 3008

M: +61 430 393 297
E: [email protected]

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