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Recent content by BenzSilent

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    [Closed] [C++] Chams No Stride With Pixel Shader

    if(shaderchamss){ // On Menu if(shadder1){ // Deklarasi kemana ? Stride juga kayanya DWORD dwOldZEnable = D3DZB_TRUE; m_pD3Ddev->GetRenderState(D3DRS_ZENABLE, &dwOldZEnable);
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    Tips Bermain Modoo Dilaptop Murah :D (Fullscreen)

    ini sedikit tips buat bermain moddo yang tidak bisa full screen dilaptop/ntebook layar kecil padahal sudah instal directx9 keatas ( Biasanya win 7 ) 1. buka regedit ( windows+R, tulis regedit + Enter ) 2. [background=white]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE >>[background=white] SYSTEM >>...
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    [Closed] Jual char Letcol Grade 1

    inget-inget datanya bro, 200k gue angkut asal data nya lengkap. kalo udah inget, pm ya :)
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    [Closed] Jual Char Pb Colonel Grade 2

    gue serius nih, kalo 250k di lepas mau angkut kok :)
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    [Closed] Jual Char Pb Colonel Grade 2

    200k gmn? peminat serius:)