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Recent content by dody

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    Pasar Arus ~ Khusus Penjual

    j> Clown 152 Full E,Q In Rp (Rupiah) E,Q :BGM Yelow +8 Aspd 8 :Maid B +7 aspd 6 :Suit seduction +8 def 10 aspd 10 :Wander Shoes +7 def 5 aspd 6 gerakan 6 :Ninja Nacklace +7 aspd 2 gerakan 2 :Tulip Dagger +8 (tanah) :Pelikan Dagger +7 (Api) Mpw 10 :Pelikan Dagger +7 (logam) Mpw 5 :wings of...
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    Pasar Arus ~ Khusus Penjual

    J> warior lvl 142 Eq NL +7,+8,+9 Pet HAtcLing Jakarta-Utara Pademangan Minat...Hub 021-98517443 Serius onLe...!!!
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    Pasar Arus ~ Khusus Pembeli

    BELI BABY BATT SIAP EVO SERIUS N LP LN ATO EMAIL [email protected] yahoo.co.id