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Recent content by v0LtaGe

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    Auto Shortcut For Domo

    CAzh!! Wakakaka.. Akhirna dirimu share sesuatu yg bisa g manfaatin.. G bukan ga mo jadi donatur cash.. Rekening ja ga pny.. Mw donasi via apa? Merpati pos? Ekekeke.. Eh,tu kan buat Hp cazh,kalo buat MP Pot ada? G sh butuhnya MP pot.. hikx..
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    .:Nyit - Nyit Domo Community:.

    Hohohoh.. Nick : VoL-TaGe Job : Musician [Skrg udah 20,udah mulai males hunt] Sub : Doctor [Ambil recover aja.wakakak!] Guild : Rising Phoenix [Rada sepi juga,mulai mikir buat ganti guild]