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Sprint RO

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Level 1
[font=lucida grande']Sprint RAGNAROK [/font]

[font=lucida grande']COME AND JOIN US WITH SPRINT-RO : [/font]

[font=lucida grande']Server Information [/font]
[font=lucida grande']Server Renewal Up

Max Level 250/90
Transcendent Job ( Sura,Glt Cross,Royal Guardian, Etc )
Exp Rates : 1000.000 / 1000.000
Max Status : 250
Drop Card MVP/Mini Boss = 1%
Drop Normal Card = 30%
Max ASPD : 190
GodLy Item = DISABLE
BattleGround System = DISABLE
Max Zeny : ( 1M )
Maintown = Dewata

user � posted � image
# Buffer
# Job Master
# Skill/Stats Resetter
# PVP Warper
# Platinum Skill NPC
# Universal Rent NPC
# Stylist
# etc
user � posted �image

* Mall Room Warper
* Quest Room
* Donation (Coming Soon)
* Pvp Room

Daily Event:
- Disguise Event
- Poring Catcher

Rules dalam game :

1. Dilarang Menghina GM / Menjelek-jelekkan Server
2. Dilarang Mempromosikan Server Lain Sprint Ragnarok
3. Dilarang MENGGUNAKAN Bot Farming
4. Dilarang MENGGUNAKAN Cheat / Illegal Programs
5. Diharapkan MENGGUNAKAN KRO last update agar tidak terjadi eror saat mvp di Dun/Fild

*Diutamakan usaha player dalam bermain*
Play For Fun ^^

Commands check in game!!
Link Rekomendasi:
Website : www.sprint-ro.net
Link FB Grup :https://www.facebook...95271540519132/
Not open for further replies.