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Cheat LS; Anti Skill|GB Peso & Exp|Fast Delay|Freeze/1Hit CSD/Dungeon|Recover HP|Lock Target dll

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Recommended Seller
Level 1
Paket Sempak Similikiti
[-] Super Fast Delay Skill
[-] 1Hit Poison
[-] Hypnotis CSD
[-] Hypnotis Dungeon
[-] Unlimited Skill
[-] Brutal Skill [counter attack/serang balik ketika sedang di Skill]
[-] Recover Heal Medic ( darah kembali lg full )
[-] Body Hide
[-] 1Hit Power Stone
[-] Anti Skill ( ga bisa di skill musuh dan cocok bgt untuk menghadapi cheater No Delay )
[-] Radius Skill ( AS Crazzy Sapper , SD Capt Hook , SD Ice Mage ) Skill otomatis mengincar / mengarah ke musuh
[-] Jetpack Unlimited
[-] Full Medic HP (1x Heal 35% Darah Bertambah [hero cyber medic])
[-] hero ammo mafia
[-] hero aim mafia
[-] hero aim speed mafia
[-] No Delay
[-] Relic Run
[-] dsb
Fitur GB:
[-] 1hit CSD[GB]
[-] 1hit Dungeon[GB]
[-] Freeze CSD[GB]
[-] Freeze Dungeon[GB]
- all boneka ga bisa hit alias char jd kebal^^
- all raja freeze/beku, bisa GB ajak temen2^^
- 3 menit dapet lebih 5000 peso & 1000 exp
[-] Unlimited HP[GB]
[-] Unlimited Token Perunggu[GB]
Please add :

YM: veopard_ice
On Line = 09.00 - 21.00 WIB

YM: sempakerz_mania
On Line = 07.00 - 17.00 WIB
Pembayaran melalui Rek. Bank BNI 0r BCA

===============PERSONAL / WARNET==================
" Tuk Nego Harganya.. di Rumpi-in ja deh Boz di PM/YM.. :maenmata:​
.. harga bersahabat & Cincaaay laah.. :ngambek:​
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