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[Closed] Investasi Menguntungkan ya Dulcebank.com !

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Level 1
Link :
Plan Investasi yang tersedia :

Blue :
150% profit
selama 30 days
5 kali pembayaran perhari (5% daily)
batass investasi 1 deposit per hari of 1 — 50 USD
Referral program — 5%
180% profit
selama 30 days
5 payments per day (6% daily)
Investment limit is 1 deposit per day of 51 — 500 USD
Referral program — 5%
Orange :
210% profit
over 30 days
5 payments per day (7% daily)
Investment limit is 1 deposit per day of 501 — 5000 USD
Referral program — 5%
Status : PAYING
Bukti :

Payment Processsor :
PM, STP, EgoPay
technical information of out project
  • Unique and strong system, developed by a team of professional programmers specialy for our project.
  • Powerful dedicated server + 2 stand-by servers (one in Germany and one in USA).
  • DDoS protection is implemented by our experts
  • We accept Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, EgoPay, SolidTrustPay
  • All our payment accounts were verified.
  • Instant payments to all payment systems.
  • Responsive and international 24-hour support team.


Babu Elite
Level 2
[warning]Thread ini saya tutup karena dengan alasan salah satu diantaranya:
- Request dari TS
- Sudah terlalu lama / old topic
- Tidak bisa didownload/yang disharing TS susah tidak berjalan
- Barang yang dijual sudah laku

Jika ada pertanyaan, keberatan atau request untuk di buka kembali silahkan PM moderator atau saya.

Not open for further replies.