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Colocation Server Indonesia Murah dan Handal

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Level 1

1U Server Chassis*

Rp 1.250.000 / Bulan + Rp 200.000 (Setup Fee)

2U Server Chassis*

Rp 1.500.000 / Bulan + Rp 200.000 (Setup Fee)

1/2 Rack Colocation (20U); Port IIX 1gbps; Free /28 IP Public; Listrik 10 Ampere

Rp 6.000.000 / Bulan + Rp 2.750.000 (Setup Fee)

Full Rack Colocation (45U); Port IIX 1gbps; Free /29 IP Public; Listrik 6 Ampere

Rp 9.500.000 / Bulan + Rp 2.750.000 (Setup Fee)

  • International Bandwidth Up to 15 Mbps
  • CDN Bandwidth SGIX, HKIX, Equinix Up to 100mbps OpenShare
  • OpenIXP Bandwidth Up to 1 Gbps Openshare
  • IIX APJII Up to 1 Gbps Openshare
  • Listrik 400VA*
  • KVM Remote Access & Remote Reboot Access
  • Quick rDNS change
  • Online Central UPS 100% uptime Electricity
  • Fiber Optic Connection
  • Commited Support 24 / 7 Port Monitoring
  • Ticketing Support System

Tentang IDCloudHost
PT Cloud Hosting Indonesia (IDCloudHost) merupakan salahs atu web hosting provider di Indonesia dengan ribuan Client yang sudah terdaftar diberbagai wilayah.

Phone: +62 22 87305806
Email : care[at]idcloudhost.com
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