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CookiesRo [HighRate 255/150]

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1 SD
Level 2
Malaysia Server

CookiesRO is pro-WOE, PVP & MVP server that relief
you from the tedious level grinding,
full facilities NPCs services, and introduces the latest headgears,
align to KRO servers environment.
Let CookiesRO, a 100% free game play server bring you the thrills and excitement of Ragnarok Online 24/7

Server Features
Server Name: CookiesRO
Max Lvl : 255/150
Server Time: GMT +8
Server Rate: 30,000/30,000/Custom
Card Drop Rate: Common Monster Card - 10% Miniboss/MvP Card - 5%
Woe Time : Saturday 10:00pm - 11:00pm and Wednesday 9:00pm - 10:00pm
Max. Zeny : 2,000,000,000z

http://www.cookies-ro.co.nr/ - website

NOTE : Ada NPC yang ubahin langsung jadi lvl 255 ^^
Not open for further replies.