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[Detected] [HoN Garena]Special HoN

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3 SD
Level 2
Thread khusus HoN Garena

Credit : [member=dhy_pw]
IGN : bisa PM saya,main bareng ayo !!

Fitur :
-ZoomHack [ON]
-No Fog (bukan MH) [NUM 1,2 / ON,OFF]
-Show FPS

Tutor :
-Open HoN
-In game,open cheat,cheat bakalan exit sendiri
-ntar klo berhasil ada "3D Menu" digame

#Sedot gan !! <13Sept2013>
#kuman !!

Recommended System : Win 7 , XP dll belum coba
Pass RAR : nyit-nyit.net
NB : >>Thread ini akan saya update mingguan<< :mad: :mantap: :sip:


3 SD
Level 2


Level 1
udah pake net framework 4 ttp gajalan haha, tp pas buka cheat bacaan sukses + exit sendiri ._.
kayanya hotkey nya gan, saya main di laptop
Not open for further replies.