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[Dragon Nest P-Server] PlayDN Lv-70Caps + Assasin


Level 1
[Private Server]Play Dragon Nest(PDN)LV 70Cap,Assasin Job ^_^
Ok langsung aj ke Topiknya tanpa basa basi

New 7 careers(Assassin Implemented) and 70 levels of Dragon Nest Private Server for every player.
24/7 customer service
Download: http://www.playdn.net/download.asp
3 Mirror(Pilih Aj Yg Mana yg Enak Tergantung ISP Kalian )
Register: http://www.playdn.ne...eateaccount.asp

Exp: 30x
Gold: 10x
Drop: 10x
Enhance Rate 100% +7
Base : CDN
Language: English
Server Location : US.Chicago

Nick In game:Yozhi

Spolier SS Job Assassin In game

Ditunggu ya all
mari kita ramaikan orang indo disini


Level 0

I present you a brand new DN p.server with a lvl 70 caps+ Assasin Class.
The server is currently on OBT phase,have a minor-bug in it but still playable.
Those who wanted to experience an Assasin Class are warmly welcome.

Rate are :
Exp: 30x
Gold: 10x
Drop: 10x
Enhance Rate 100% +7

Server Features:
Free 2-days Icebird set (Wings,Tail and Decal)
Free pets
Talisman & Jade System
Assasin Class
Lv-70 Equipment And Heraldy
Free +7 Equipment Coupons (Lv 16,24,32,40 and 50)*Redeem it from Irene Npc

The Client are based on CDN

Main Page : Dragon Nest Private Server: playdn.net
Registration Page : Dragon Nest Private Server: playdn.net
Download Link : http://download.play...SDragonNest.rar
Mirror : 1. https://mega.co.nz/#...AeV-lom5M7uaMig
2. Папка 4shared - Мой 4shared

Forum Page : All Discussions - PlayDN

Donation Are still in-progress.

Some Screenshot :

Hope to see you soon in-game ^_^
IGN : Papa


Level 1
bro numpang tanya dunk ini bisa di tempa di client indo atau ga bisa misalnya download patch DN PS trus di timpa di DN indo
mohon infonya



Level 1
waduh gan punya client DN PS ga ??? soalnya download inetnya LOLA banget kalau ada yg lokal share Di pecah ya jng jadi 1 gan

Thx gan