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English for Gamers


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Apakah kamu salah satu seperti berikut?:
  • Tidak mengerti bahasa Inggris
  • tidak mengerti error saat main game
  • tidak mengerti cara registrasi karena bahasa inggris
  • Punya masalah dengan menerjemahkan sesuatu dalam bahasa inggris
  • Ingin belajar bahasa inggris untuk games

Silahkan posting error message kamu dalam bahasa inggris di bawah ini dan ahli2 bahasa Linggis di N3 akan bantu menerjemahkannya contoh Om UHE.

Have fun with it!


Level 2

tapi lom ada client masuk ni cc...

apa member N3 udah pinter bahasa inggris smua nih ?


3 SD
Level 2
lol, yeah we are have good english... xD
anyway, can you teach me how to speak in mandarin,korean,russian,portugesse and japanesse ?


Bahasa Indonesia :"Tiga nenek sihir melihat tiga buah arloji merk Swatch. Nenek sihir mana yang melihat arloji merk Swatch ?"Bahasa Inggris :"Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch ?"

is it right ? Correct Me If I'm Wrong


Babu Elite
VIP Kehormatan
eits.... kok ada nama gw di thread ini?? (baru baca threadnya...)
mitsy la bahasa englishnya lebih ngihuyy.... heuheuhe

apalagi wiro yang jurusan sastra... cucok tu..
kalo ane kan bahasa inggris bawaan lahir.. maklum ane peranakan Indo...
Indo jawa sunda...

btw bener neh ternyata pasiennya dikit. apa karena ada google translate sekarang?? who know...

obviously for me, there only 1 language in this world that will never be perfectly translate with google translate... which is.... Japanese langauge.."


"because japanese language major different from other languages is that japanese language doesn't need a subject"


ih kepo deh
Level 2
what about slang words?

its really difficult :err:

btw, I can speak dunglish, dutch-english, cuz im dutchman u know :grin:

It is ekcueli not hart to lern dunglish. In fek, es yu ken si, yu ken andersten wat aim seying rait??? So, ai tink dunglish is kuait izi tu lern en master.

Dis is e kul lenguej, yu ken yus it in spiking, en nobodi wil notis de diferens wit komen inglish. Yet wen yu rait it, it is veri yunik en kullll!!! Leyter, yu ken put it in yor resume es enader lenguej skil yu hef. Indonesien, Inglish, en Dunglish! Kull, rait??? awakwkakwkkakwkakwakw

So, enibodi won tu trai raiting yusing dunglish???

Diskleimer: Eni destraksyen in yor inglish is not mai responsibiliti. Yus et yor on risk. akwkakkwkkakwkkakwkak


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Keep Japan and the Japanese in your prayer as they are undergoing a shocking time in their history after the Second World War. May those who survive may grow stronger and those who in despair may find the light at the end of the tunnel.


ih kepo deh
Level 2
Japan has experienced many trials on the way into to one of the developed countries, such as the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War 2. And they face it with calm, slowly but surely they are developing into developed countries.
Not difficult for Japan to bounce back, because they've experienced in this case.

(bener ndak :p )


4 SD
Level 2
Aduuhh pada ngmng apa sihh?, bahasa inggrisnya tinggi bener, aku sampe bingung

ohh iye, bedanya bright, brights, brightly, sama brighten apaan?


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ada yang adjective dan ada yang adverb misalnya ada yang menerangkan kata benda dan kata kerja
the lamp is bright, bright lamp, it has brighten my day dan we will brightly shine.