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Gamez Aion Private Server

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1 SD
Level 2
Nah Gue Nemu Aion Private Server Nih Gan Gue Share Aja Dah Sory Mslah'a Kalo Sdah da Yg Post
D Sini Rame Seru Bug' Bug'a Jarang

Exp: 200x
Drop: 75x
Quest: 50x
Kinah: 100x
Abyss : 10x

Server Features

� Aion client version full support.
� All basic chat types.
� Player inventory.
� Player cube expansion (inventory).
� Player warehouse (including account warehouse) .
� Items support, equipements, potions, food
� Exping and level up is possible.
� Player stats.
� Monsters move and attack normally (Basic AI).
� Merchant npc sale & buy items, shops 100%.
� Drop and loot system from monsters.
� Normal & Flight Teleport.
� Trade between players.
� Player class change.
� Player pvp system.
� Player vs Player (pvp) in the Abyss.
� Player duel system.
� Players friend system.
� Npc titles.
� Other npcs <> players interaction.
� Spawn protection
� All working skill types: (damage/heal/DOT/HOT/buff/debuff/transforms)
� Items stats attributes, attack, defense, etc.
� Quests engine with campaign quests, group drop distribution for quests
� Skillbooks
� Group system
� Manastone socketing and bonuses
� Rifts and rift announcements
� Channels support
� Instances support
� Legion system with many advanced features, legion warehouse
� Gathering process and gather skill level up
� Crafting support
� Godstone socketing and effects
� Private shops
� Flying timer, correct gliding
� Free Fly
� Zone manager with drowning/breath area working
� Player command //givemissingskills

Web Nya Nih
Langsung Pakai Client Aion Indogamers Juga Bsa / Aion Nebula Langsung Tiban Aja ,Untuk Anak Indo D sini Jarang Baru Gue Sama Tmen 1 Net gue aja
Absen Dolo = Exsodians
Race = Asmodians
Lvl = 51
Legions = H E R O E S

Untuk Para Indo'a D Perbanyak'a Sru Nih Event"'a


1 SD
Level 2
Up Nih Jarang Yg Minad ya ..

Up dolo biar ada yg minad

Di Sini Ramai Bngat Enak Lagi Kalao Ke DP bnyak YG Bantu


5 SD
Level 2
eeee... maren pas saiia ke jkt liad ada net yang ampir smw isi na maen ini... minta link buat download na donk...


1 SD
Level 2
yah jadi elyos
kalah event war mulu kckckckck

Maen Asmo aja masuk H E R O E S

Kalau Elyos siap" aja di WOD SAMA gregorheadoff di Heiron anak net gue .ckckckc


2 SD
Level 2
wa elyos .
masi stuck level 9 . kaga tau naekinnya gimana ..
maklum pertama kali maen ..

bisni pindah asmo wa dah..
biar ada yg modalin :hilarious:


2 SD
Level 2
add friend ya ..
Elyos .
nick: Demdem
lvl=50 , spirit master


ayo all bikin legion indonesia . nnti hunt Dp bareng .. :hilarious:


Level 2

Ntar Tiban Pake Patch Gamez Aion Kamu ^^


2 SD
Level 2
ane saranin ya , kalok gag mau dl , tinggl sms ke admin maxigame.asia

bisa dpet gratis tuh master , lgsg dateng kerumah , tp y gtuu m agak lama , :hilarious:

maen juga ? bangsa apa ?
nick IGN sapa?


2 SD
Level 2
anak indo asmo , guild indonesia raya , pada songong pada copo , ngkik char asmo gw , lo pergi ke heiron pada abis ama gw .. haha ..
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