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IRC Shells Hosting

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Tukang Sapu

Terimakasih sudah membaca thead ini. Kami memberikan jasa hostingan untuk IRC. IRC Shell adalah program khusus yang digunakan sebagai interface antara user dengan kernel yang digunakan untuk keperluan IRC sepeti pembuatan Bot Game, Guard menggunakan Eggdrop atau memakainya sebagai psyBNC/BNC yang dapat memprotek kamu dari serangan ddos ketika kamu online di IRC.

Kami menggunakan server dengan OS FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE (GENERIC) dengan Server Configuration :
  • Processor: Intel Q8300 (4 cores x 2.5 GHz)
  • Memory (RAM) : 8 GB RAM
  • Ethernet (NIC) : 100 Mbps
  • IPs: 180 Public IPs
  • Operating System: FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE 64 Bit
  • Location: Chicago,IL
Pada shell nanti anda akan menmukan automatic scripts dengan installasi menu berikut:

English Shell Menu !
getPSYen - PsyBnc Installation Script
getEGGen - Eggdrop 1.16.19 Installation Script
getAAen - Eggdrop 1.16.19 + a&a Light 0.03.02 Installation 0.03.02
getMUHen - Muh Installation Script

We are dedicated to providing our clients with the fastest and most stable Internet service possible. We provide sales service shell, psybnc, bots at a cost attractive to you. We are proud of our high level of service the needs of our customers.

Unix Shell Details
  • Included You can use the shell account to make and run Eggdrop, Perl Bot, Custom Bot, Psotnic, PsyBNC, BNC, ZNC, Ezbounce. If you are planning to run different processes please contact us.
  • Included We have instant setup support for PsyBNC, Eggdrop 1.16.19, Eggdrop 1.16.19 + a&a Light 0.03.02, Muh.
  • Included Software/Scripts Installed : BitchX, irssi, SILC, screen, Perl, Tcl Scripts, crontab, autobotchk, Precompile Eggdrop, Autoinstall PsyBNC, Autoinstall Eggdrop, lynx, ssh, ftp, wget, OpenSSL, connect to SSL and more
  • Included Our servers are fully protected against DDos attacks 24 hours/day, 365 days/year. That`s why you don't have to be afraid to buy from us.
  • Included We have the best staff ever that is able to help you at any hour without any fee.
NB: 1 background proccess hanya diperbolehkan 2 koneksi IRC

Special N3 vHost: suka.yang.igede.net paling.rajin.ke.kaskus.xxx belajar.crack.gaya.kocokjayateam.com paling.cinta.ama.n3.vc cheater.sakti.dari.nyit-nyit.org

vHost lainnya dapat diliat saat pembelian pada store kami.

Silahklan pilih paket yang sesuai dengan keinginaan kamu:
1 Background Shell N3
2 Background Shell N3
4 Background Shell N3

Shell Login

To access your shells use hostname irc.n3.vc and port 22 with any SSH client.
We recommend to use PuTTy. You can download from here : http://www.chiark.gr...y/download.html

You have access to this scripts :

getPSYen - PsyBnc Installation Script
getEGGen - Eggdrop 1.16.19 Installation Script
getAAen - Eggdrop 1.16.19 + a&a Light 0.03.02 Installation
getMUHen - Muh Installation Script

For security reason we do not provide FTP access, but you can use WinSCP like a FTP client.

You can download WinSCP from here : http://winscp.net/eng/download.php

WinSCP Setting Must Be :

Hostaname : irc.n3.vc
Port : 22
File Protocol : SCP


PsyBNC Login

To connect to your PsyBNC type : /s psybnc.n3.vc port password
To add a vhost type : /bvhost vhost.you.want
To add a servere type : /addserver server port
To add a new user to your psybnc account type : /adduser ident:username
For help type : /bhelp (Lists this help or help on a topic)



To obtain a public vhosts to be used in your account you should access : http://www.nyit-nyit...round-shell-n3/

To make vhosts using your domain or our domain :

For yout dedicated ips please open a ticket from your client account and request that.


To see your Login Details please visit Client Area : http://www.nyit-nyit...&module=clients

For Help Please open a ticket or browse the knowledgebase for frequently asked questions


- Please read Terms BEFORE Using your account
- Use Only Port Beteween 1500 - 55000 for you eggdrop.
- Use Only Port Beteween 1500 - 6000 for you psybnc.
- Your account is on Server XploD . Please select any vhosts on server XploD .

Do Not use any Vhost/IP that is not listed.
Using one thats not listed here will cause suspension/cancellation of your account with no refund.

Once again, thanks for choosing N3 IRC Shells Hosting. We look forward to working with you!

Supports Online:
irc://irc.nyit-nyit.org/n3 (irc.nyit-nyit.org chan #N3)
irc://irc.dal.net/n3 (irc.dal.net chan #N3)


Tukang Sapu
ya emang dikhususkan untuk bot dan bouncer ke irc dengan server bahamut ircd, unreal ircd, pvpgn ircd dan lainnya.. yang jelas klo rfc nya sama, dijamin bisa pake, tapi bukan bot php ya.. khusus eggdrop dengan tcl nya


Tukang Sapu
Service ini ditutup hingga waktu yang tidak ditentukan. (dipakai oleh kalangan internal)

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