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Jual Cheat PointBlank Murah

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Level 1
Untuk Software/Game: Pointblank Indonesia

Contact Person :
[-] 085285681996

Sale Cheat PoinBlank Indonesia..
Update tgl 22-23 Juni 2013..
Berikut fitur² yg saya sediakan.. :

[x] Wallhack all Character
[x] Crosshair
[x] Esp Name (Bisa Mengetahui nama lawan)
[x] Esp Health (Bisa Mengetahui Darah lawan)
[x] Esp Head
[x] Esp Box
[x] Esp Distance
[x] Auto Headsot (Nembak apapun langsung Crot)
[x] Hollvest + Quick Change Weapon 80% + HP 120 + K400 Dual Slot
[x] No respawn
[x] Name Tag
[x] Ammo Unlimited
[x] Free Move (Kluar room tanpa terkena penalty out/Pengurangan point & senjata)
[x] Fly Hack (Terbang)
[x] Spam Dino (Game Maker- nya di room Dino)
[x] Ghost
[x] Replace Headger & Beret GM (Damage Up & Bisa Mengetaui Posisi Bom Tempel)
[x] Replace Accesories
[x] dll...

Price :
[x] Personal (1 Kompi) = 120/Bulan
[x] HWID Flashdisk = 150rb/Bulan
[x] IP/Warnet = PM Saya ... ^_^

NOTE : Ane berani jamin & berani garansi selama pemakaian/berlangganan cheat ane,Tidak akan terkena Banned/Blockir IP.

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