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MACHETE KILLS <div class="movinfo">&nbsp;107minutes</div>Jenis Film : Action
Produser : Robert Rodriguez, Rick Schwartz, Sergei Bespalov, Aaron Kaufman
Produksi : -
Sutradara : Robert Rodriguez

Casts <div class="cast"><div><img src="http://www.21cineplex.com/images/the_star_empty.png"/><p>Danny Trejo</p><img title="Mel Gibson" alt="Mel Gibson" src="http://www.21cineplex.com/data/image/thestar/1319t.jpg" width=50 height=60 /><p>Mel Gibson</p><img title="Amber Heard" alt="Amber Heard" src="http://www.21cineplex.com/data/image/thestar/1520t.jpg" width=50 height=60 /><p>Amber Heard</p><img src="http://www.21cineplex.com/images/the_star_empty.png"/><p>Michelle Rodriguez</p><img src="http://www.21cineplex.com/images/the_star_empty.png"/><p>Sofia Vergara</p><img src="http://www.21cineplex.com/images/the_star_empty.png"/><p>Charlie Sheen</p><img title="lady gaga" alt="lady gaga" src="http://www.21cineplex.com/data/image/thestar/1512t.jpg" width=50 height=60 /><p>Lady Gaga</p></div><div class="clear"></div> </div> <div class="clear"></div> <div class="grad"> <div class="col-title">&nbsp;SYNOPSIS&nbsp;</div> <div class="col-content">

Credits: 21cineplex