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Mau Jadi Orang Bejo ? Main Ragnarok Bejo Private Server

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Level 0
Mau Bejo ??? ayo main BEJO Ragnarok !!!!
Masih CBT : 20/07/2013
Klik disini (CP) =>> http://bejo.psro-indonesia.web.id/
|| BEJO RAGNAROK ONLINE (Private Server) ||
~zero to hero~

Spesifikasi Server:
-24/7 Online (99.9% Uptime)
-Processor : 2 x Quad Core Xeon 1.86 Ghz
-RAM : 32 GB DDR3 Memory
-Hardisk: 2 TB Harddisk

Server Information :
-SVN eAthena.
-High Rate Server 9000k/500k/Custom
-Main town Amatsu (Land of Destiny)
-Max Base Level 255 2nd Transc (Assassin Cross,Champion, dkk).
-Max Job Level 120, Tekwon Master,Ninja,Gunslinger 150
-Max Status 255
-Max Aspd 193
-Dex (No Casting time) 150
-Drop All Equipment Costum upto 100%.
-Normal dan MVP Card drop rate : 80% dan 30%

-Custom Item (450++ Item)
-Custom Pet (-+50)
-Automaticaly Event 24 Hours
-Manual Event From Game Master.
-WoE : Normal WoE(Every Day) and Best Guild Record(Special Event)

NPC / Feature :

-NPC Job Changer
-NPC Healer
-NPC Stylish(Full pallete dan sprite upto 500++)
-NPC Remove Card
-NPC PVP Warper (PVP SYSTEM using Dota Sound)
-NPC Coca Cola
-NPC Warper
-NPC Auto Identifier Item
-NPC Quest Custom Headgear & Official Headgear
-NPC Fishing(cooming soon)
-NPC Poring Kecer Event(cooming soon)
-NPC Last Man Standing Event
-NPC Monster Wiki Event
-NPC Boris si tukang suit
-NPC Disguise Event

Commands (use @commands in game)

Facebook Grup :https://www.facebook.com/groups/306469979497200/
Facebook Fanpage :https://www.facebook.com/pages/BEJO-Ragnarok/405669156205064

Your friendly GM ^_^
1.Budy Yanuar Ahadi (yang punya ro)
2.Muh.Akbar (tukang ngadain event dan melayani player)
3.Sensei (tukang ngutak-ngatik database)
Not open for further replies.