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Diskusi [Private Server] RF Online Exige |Old School Style | Episode : Grand Update

Race apa yang kalian mainkan di RF EXIGE ??

  • Accretian Empire

  • Bellato Union

  • Holy Alliance Cora

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Belum Sekolah
Level 0

DEVELOPER : CCR Inc | PUBLISHER : Exige Team's | GENRE : Semi PVP | RELEASE : 11 Agustus 2015

RF Online is an online Action set in A mixture of science fiction and classic fantasy, RF Online is set in a distant planet in the Novus system where magic exists alongside high technology. We're a small independent team of hardcore gamers based in Jakarta and have created RF Online as the game that we'd want to play ourselves. It is designed around a strong barter-based online item economy, deep character customisation, competitive PvP and ladder races. The game is completely free and will never be "pay to win". If you'd like to play, we need your contributes and support to us.

" Come and join us stay as family!. "
Why RF Exige ?
Kelebihan RF Exige :
  • Max Upgade & Donation Items +6.
  • Elemental menggunakan sistem Official (HDH/3D).
  • All Items dapat di trade.
  • Menggunakan Sistem Combine Items Rare level 65. (Weapon, Armor, Shield).
  • No Overpowered Damage/Defense/Dodge/Accuracy. (Semua butuh kerjasama sekalipun dia donasi.)
  • All Items status menggunakan sistem basic official (Termasuk items rare yang di sinkronkan dengan status item lvl 70 Official).
  • Sistem Farming & Hunting Active.
  • All items collect by drops monster.
  • Special Jobs Balanced (MAU, Traps, Towers, Siege, Animus).
Pusat Informasi :
Contact Us :
** Silahkan kunjungi link diatas untuk mendapatkan informasi tentang RF Exige dan informasi Patch RF Exige. **
Server Informasi :

Max Lv66.
MAU, Tower, Animus, Trap balanced.
Exp rate 5000x.
Drop rate 30x.
Animus rate 99999x.
PT Skill/Foce GM.
Max upgrade & Donation Items +6.
Quest Lv50 & 56 OFF
Guild Honor Active
Active Maps for Farm/PVP
Premium Services active 7 Days.
Balanced PvP, No Over Damages.
All items are can craft and farm.
All Items are can Tradeable.
Monthly events.
Active Game Masters 3 Shift.
No Bias GM's and Admins.
No Playing GM's.
Not a Pay to Win Game.
Exciting Rewards and prizes every end of month.
Free change job in hero 5x only (No have Capsule In-Games).
Stabil Connection Server.
" Dream It! Wish It! Do It! ".