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[RELEASE] Thai Lost Saga Full Hack in 3 Choices

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Belum Sekolah
Level 1
Hacks come with 3 different .dll choices
Each one has its own features
Last Updated: 13 July 2013

Fighting mode:
- Almost no delay
- No drop damage
- Freeze crusade
- Antihit [God mode]
- No ammo reload *mafia treasure hunter
- Hack laddet/crusade/war level
- Unlimit bronze-gold token
- Speed up relic delay
- Super heal for medic
- Hack radius magic ex. ice mage blizzard only center
- Super punch [test]
- Speed hack [test]
Item mode:
- Shop hack
- Recurrent event quest
- Free 1 weapon chest+ 1 permanent chest each login
Peace mode:
- Exp*2 fishing
- Exp*2 relic


PM me guys


Credit to: TetracyclineX
Not open for further replies.