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RF ACCEL 2.2.3 | Generation of the Optimus

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Level 1
Kamu player lama RF Optimus? gabung yuk ngumpul bareng lagi :)
New RF Accel, Terinspirasi dari RF Lama kita kumpul dulu yaitu RF Optimus.
Weapon Donate DI jual NPC dan ada yang di Drop

RF ACCEL | Generation of the Optimus
V.223 Bellato Strike Back

Server Rate PVP
Exp 1500x
Drop 25x
Animus 30.000x
Skill/Force/PT GM
Quest Reward ON
Skill Buff 9999
No Skin alay
Max Player +6
Non Donate +6 ( +7 kalo Hooki :) )
No Playing GM/Admin
Max Donasi ELE 3D+BBL / HDH

NPC List
Cash Shop
Weapon Rare B 35-65
Armor Rare B 35-65
Weapon Relic
Scroll PB
Donation Weapon (Buy with Pvp)

Drop List
Y.Flem : Legacy , gli (Farm low)
Wing : Elemental Perfect (isis for cora) X
ABA : Boster 40
Great Curr : Boster 50
Caliana Archer : Caliana Nackle (Farm lvl medium)
Guardian Sette : Box Large Stable ( B => A , A => C, C => B) X
Draco Elan : Talic
Devas : LGS (T5)
Naroom Capt : Caliana Nackle (Farm lvl High)
Kukra Capt : Weapon Donation
Naroom Scout : Excel Yellow A B C

Drop PBan :
Izen : Curr 1sec,Summon Pot,Revival
Thor : Special Boster,Cur 1sec,Summon pot,Revival
3D : Special Boster,Cur 1sec,Summon pot,Revival,anti stigma,anti fail
Jewel cube : Boster Aiming 50grade, Blood 50grade
Belphegor : Aiming 70grade, Blood 70grade,Cur 1sec,Summon pot
PB Elan : pot anti stigma, pot anti fail,Summon pot, Curr 1sec

Website/Regis : http://rf-accel.tk/regis
GRUP : http://www.facebook.com/groups/1387261594840317/
Download : Cooming


Minimal ada 8orang/1party, maximal ada 20-30 orang anggota
Reward akan di samakan Member/Leader
- Cur pot 1sec 99piece
- Summon Potion 99piece
- Armor 63 +6 6piece (kaki pilih 1opsi , tangan 2 opsi pilih)
- Weapon 65 +6

� EVENT 1st Archon/Dewan (kanan dan kiri)
For Archon :
- Armor Dewan 8piece +6 (Selama Masa Periode Menjabat)
- Weapon Donation +5
- Elemental Donate 2piece (2piece bukan 2 set)
- Teleport Potion 2x99piece
- Summon Potion 2x99piece

For Dewan Kanan/Kiri :
- Armor Dewan 8Piece +5 (Selama Masa Periode Menjabat)
- Weapon Donate +5
- Teleport Potion 99piece

� Special Event 1st Support Team (Dewan Aura)
- Elemental Donation 2piece
- Weapon Donation +5

� Event Player Bug'ing or Cheating
- Elemental Donate 1piece /post
(Harus ada Bukti, Saksi, dan keterangan berupa Pic/video)
Not open for further replies.