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RF Ancient War RPG Semi PVP Server

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Level 1

RF Ancient War RPG Semi PVP Server

- All Job Active
- Equip Donate Prepaid System Acitve in NPC
- Item Mall, Cash Point Active
- Guild Honor Active
- No Dragon Armor

Join Now https://www.facebook.../rf.ancientwar/
Official Website : http://rfancientwar.ps-id.com/
Link Register : http://rfancientwar....d.com/register/
Link Download : http://rfancientwar....d.com/download/
Drop List : http://rfancientwar.....com/drop-list/
Rules : http://rfancientwar.ps-id.com/rules/
List Events : http://rfancientwar....om/list-events/
Email : [email protected]

Server Info:
- Max Lv 66
- Exp X2000
- Drop X50
- Animus X 50000
- Skill Buff 3.000 Sec
- Tower, MAU, Animus, Trap Fixed
- All Pt/Skill/Force GM
- Quest 50 & 56 Off
- Normal Player Max +6
- Player Donation Max +6 (NO OVER DAMAGE)
- NPC Cashop Active (Pot, OD, Talk Jade, Jade Relief, Elemental HDH, Dll)
- Cash Point / Item Mall Active (Auto Reward Cash by Play Time)
- GameCP
- Forum
- Event Every Week's
- HackShield by AngeL's Guard
- Anti Cheat/Hack Vote

::NPC Info::

#NPC Cashop :
- All Potion, Jade Relief, Jade Exp

#NPC Equip :
- Boster Aiming/Blood
- All Elemental HDH/Spesial
- Weapon Donate Infinity

#NPC Item :
- Snow Spray
- Elemental Hero Donate

#Cash Point / Item Mall :
- Potion : Summon, Teleport, Revival, Ext.
- Scroll : All Scroll
- Elemental : All Elemental High
- Ammo : Ammo 30.000
Not open for further replies.