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RF - Apollo 223.2

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3 SD
Level 2
- Welcome To My thread -
Exp Rate : x2500
Level Cap : 66
Animus Rate : 7500x
All PT Skill : GM
Drop : x20
Mining Rate : 500x

Buff skill : 5000 sec
Buff Class : 1000 sec

No Playing GM

Save Zone Elf portal

Money 4 Billion
Gold 2 Million

New Character Get :

1. Saparation Jade (unable to trade/drop/store)
2. Potion Buff Expansion Capsule (unable to trade/drop/store)
3. Returnee Weapon
4. 95.000 Contribute Point

Ore Process -> Talk Jade & T6

Young Flem : Cling
Flym : Pil Recovery 100%
Wing : Code Master Knife
Draco Elan : Excelcior A,B,C
Draco hatcling : gli beam
Caliana Crue & Atroc : Gli Beam
Spell Lazuardian & Warior Lazuardian : gold point
Assasin builder A : Boster lv 40
Hive Marh (bm) : Elemental medium
Captain Kukra : Leon 55
Kukra vafer Leutand : Mau Blessing
Pb Hora Bloody Heller Wing ( sette ) : Elemental perfect
PB Belpeghor : Wind Golden Knife
Thor : T6 , Gold point 1k
Izen Bos : T 6 , gold point 1k
Vafer Sharman : Elemental Apollo

Chip : Box aiming & box blood
HSK : Gold point 4k & Box aiming & box blood

T5 & All Talic
PitBoss Portal
Weapon Rare B 35-65
Armor Rare B 35-65 +4
Shield Rare B 35-65 & PI Shield +5
Relic 45
Relic 55
Armor Golden +5
Weapon Donation +6
Armor Council 65
Ammunisi Granade Launcher 3k

RF - Apollo version PVP SERVER Coming soon in your PC 5 September 2013
Not open for further replies.