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RF Atlantis Reborn| New Geneartion War Pvp Server

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Level 1
RF Atlantis Reborn| New Geneartion War Pvp Server

• Max Level 75
• Rate Exp Character x99.999
• Rate Exp Animus x99.999
• Rate Drop x99.999
• Rate Mine x99.999
• Max Upgrade Normal +7
• Max Upgrade Donasi +7
• Quest 50 & 56 OFF
• Quest Reward ON
• Buff & PT GM
• Fix Damage MAU, Isis and Siege Kit
• Fix Damage Trap and Tower
• Friendly Staff &Admin
• No Costum/Alay
• Skil Bash Active
• Buff Duration 3000
• GM'e Proffesionallity

Armor Dragon +7
Weapon Infinity[E] +7
Sheald Elvent +6
Armor 65 +7
Weapon 65 +7
Armor Gold Lv 75 5
Weapon Gold 75 +5
Relic lv 55+7
Weapon PVP 75 +7
T5 , All Talic & Lucky Jade
Cash Shop : Center of Sette
Npc Vendor : Portal PB ( Full )
Armor Consul Lv 70 +5
Shield 65 +7
Cash Shop Golden
Shop premium
New Potion Revival
Jade Level CashShop Sette


-Young Flem : Elemental Medium/25.20 , Gold Point.Boster lvl 1 [Town]
-Flym : Toilet rolls[Town]
-Draco : Leon lvl 40 [Elan]
-Draco Hatcling : GP Random [Elan]
-Scud lava :GP[Elan]
-Jewel cube : Gold point 2k
-Aba : Boster 40
-Giant baba : Rune's
-Calliana Crue : Gli (farming gan) [ETER]
-Calliana Archer : Gli (farming gan) [ETER]
-Calliana Atroc : Gli (farming gan) [ETER]
-ABB : T6 [ETER]
-Kukra Vafer captain :: weapon Leon 55 High[OC]
-Vafer Magician :: Elemental HDH [elf]
-RHS :: Excelcior C [OC]
-Naroom Captain :: Booster Buildup [OC]
-Dark Elf Berseker : Gold point 1000 (elf)
-Cremle Snatcher Battalion Elf : Gold point 1k and Ele [OC]
-NarromCrewlerCaptain : Boster Grade 99 [Elf]
-ThunderLizard : Weapon Golden [Injurer] [Elf]
-Kukra Vafer Battalion Commander : Snow Spray Part [Elf]
-Chuty : Coupon Gold Boster +6 [Elf]
-Santa Chooty : Boster lvl 60 ser 20% / deff 10% acu 10% [Elf]
-Novajan Metal Eater : Rune's
-IzenRock : T6 [Dark elf]
-Caliana Crew : Gli Farm 400jt/slot [Eter]
-Caliana Atrock : Gli Farm 400jt/slot [Eter]
-Caliana Archer : Gli Farm 400jt/slot [Eter]
-Sealed Hora Baal Hamon : Talk Jade [Eter]

PB Dagan : Elements 3D [Elan]

PB Dagnue: Elements 3D [Elan]

PB Dagon : Elements 3D [Elan]

PB Sealed Dagan : Coupon Weapon Golden +7 [Elan] Website : Comming Soon
Forum : Comming Soon Register : Comming Soon
Full Patch:Comming Soon
Info lebih lanjut ... lgsung join ke Group
bnyak Event" menarik Baik Community & Non Community ^^ https://www.facebook.com/RFAtlantisReborn?notif_t=page_new_likes https://www.facebook.com/groups/602667489797006/
Not open for further replies.