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RF Fighters 2232 PvP Server

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Belum Sekolah
Level 1
[font=lucida grande']Rencana Up hari jumat / sabtu , ayo join ada event " menarik dan seru pasti nya ada event player lama RF-IMPERIAL !![/font]

[font=lucida grande']RF Fighters 2232 PvP Server[/font]

[font=lucida grande']Site[/font]
[font=lucida grande']http://rf-fighters.com/
Group : [/font]

[font=lucida grande']INFO SERVER

• Max Lvl 65
• Exp Rate x3500
• Drop Rate x20
• Animus Rate x99999
• Sell rate x10
• Aktif Special Bangsa ( Fix Pure CCR )
• All Pt/Force/Skill GM
• Quest 50-56 Off
• Mining rate 15x
• Aktif Honr Guild
• Max upgrade +7
• Max donation +7
• Buff Duration 3000
• Balance Damage And Pure CCR System
• Aktif HeaveN GameGuard | Support all Windows
• Anti Crashing ZoneServer

•NPC Buy With PVP Point• (Equip Donation)

- Special Fighters Armour 65 +7 Favor
- Special Fighters Gloves 65+7 Grace
- Special Fighters Gloves 65 +7 Darkness
- Special Fighters Shoes 765+7 Mercy
- High Fighters Ele/Amu
- Special Weapon Fighters +7
- Fighters Shield Protector 65 + 7


- Fighters Elven Shield 65 +7
- Armor Rare B 65 +7
- Weapon Rare B 65 +7
- Shield Rare B 65 +7
- Full Cashop , Jade & Portal PB

-Tier5,Leon Low
-Relic 55 +7
-Ordinary Fighters Weapon +7
-Ordinary Fighters Armour +7


- Young Flym = Elemental Low
- wing = Exp Recovery
- Flym = Legacy Blade

-Devastator : GP 3-5K
-Draco Elan : Stable 5-6 Favor, Igno, Grace, Darkness, & Mercy Upgrader (rare

-Calliana Archer:All Talic
-Assasin Builder B:Excelsiar A,B,C
-Calliana Atroc:Diamond Necklace

Vocanic Cauldron
Giant Baba:MAU Blessing,Isis
Hoom Baba:All Rune
Infernal Drako:Leon Low

Beast Mountain
-Thunder Lizard:pot TP,Pot Call
-Jewel Cube:Special Fighters Elemental (NEW)

Outcast Plain
-Kukra Vafer Captain : Weapon Dark Fighters Slot Random
-Kukra Vafer Gladiator: Weapon Relic Special Fighters Slot Random
-Cremul Snatcher Captain: Fighters Armor Slot Random
-Naroom Crawler Captain: Fighters Shield Slot Random
-Calliana Archer: All Talic,Pil Change Job
-Naroom Crawler Scout: Booster Fighters All Race

-Black Sign Commander: Gold Point Random

- Wingbox : Leon medium slot random

-3D: Special Weapon Fighters Slot Random,Elemental High,Snow Spray,Armor Special Fighters
-Thor: Leon High,Special Shield Fighters Slot Random,GP 10k, Ele Fighters Special
-Caliana Prince/Queen = Snowpray piece
- Belphegor = Leon Medium( Knife & Bow )
- PB Elan = Special Fighters Shield,Aiming & Blood booster[/font]
Not open for further replies.