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RF Fory

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Level 1
[font=lucida grande']-= WELCOME TO RF FORY PvP SERVER =-[/font]

[font=lucida grande']Senin UP gan banyak event" menarik loohh...[/font]

[font=lucida grande']Yuk join dulu grup nya[/font]

[font=lucida grande']¤ Max Lvl 70[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Exp Rate 7000x[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Animus 40.000x[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Drop 75x[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Max Upgrade +7[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Max Donation +7[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ No Quest 50 And 56[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ PT,Skill/Force GM[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Free C.pt 75.000 And 1 Slot CN For New Character[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ New Custom Item 70 & 75[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ New Weapon Lv 70 &75[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ New Armor Lv 70 & 75[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ New Shield Lv 70 &75[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ New Tower And Trap 70[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ New SiegeKit , Animus , Mau 70[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ New Map [ Lumenion Nortir ][/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ High Rate Upgrade For Player[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Balance Damage And No Over Power Donation[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Active GM And Friendly GM & Admin[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Event Every Week And Month[/font]
[font=lucida grande']¤ Ready Custom Item Buy With Gold Point[/font]

[font=lucida grande']Web: [/font]http://www.rf-fory.com/

[font=lucida grande']Grup: [/font]https://www.facebook...559835227410598
Not open for further replies.