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RF Online YuyuGaming Join Here..

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Belum Sekolah
Level 0
RF Online YuyuGaming Present

Exp 50000x
Drop 50x
PT & Skill GM
Max lvl 65

Semua item ada di NPC termasuk item donasi dan item donasi dibeli dengan gold point.
NPC Armor Costum : Sette
NPC booster 50 : sette
NPC Box Aiming Dan Box Blood : sette
Potion Langka & Weapon Spesial: Buas
NPC Elemental Costum : Bio Lt.1
Tangan dan kaki colok costum: Elan
All Weapon Dan Armor +6 in NPC

ABA: Gold Capsule 1-10
Scud Lava: Gold Capsule 11-15
Naroom Portal: Gold Capsule 16-29
Naroom Captain : Gold Capsule 1000 dan Booster 40
PB Varas: Gold Capsule 5000
PB Belphegor: Gold Capsule 6000
PB Elan (bukan 3D): Gold Capsule 7500
PB Elan (3D): Gold Capsule 10000
Young Flem: Exp Recovery 100%
Flem: Communication Jade (Rent)
Draco: Ele High
Giant Baba: Leon lv 45 Opsi random
Kukra Captain: Ele 3D & BBB
Control Chip: Weapon PVP 55 (Polos Slot Random)

Dan masih banyak lagi!

UP tanggal 28 Juni 2013
Untuk Info lebih lanjut gabung di Group FB : http://www.facebook.com/groups/205555326261786/

Web & Register: http://rf.yuyugaming.com/
Patch: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7fgfz2es9tx6c83/RF_YuyuGaming.7z
Not open for further replies.