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Info RF Private Server Terbaru | RF-XENOVERSE


Level 1

Permisi Min Mau Share RF Private Server RF-XENOVERSE, Yang Kangen RF Lv 50 Boleh d coba dengan Fitur2 keren...

•RMT Boleh
•Event Real Money
•System Cash Mall & GameCP Mall Active
Website : http://www.rf-xenoverse.com
GameCP : http://gcp.rf-xenoverse.com
Group Official : http://fb.rf-xenoverse.com
Fans Page : https://www.facebook.com/RFXENOVERSE/

Server Info :

Max Lv 50
Exp x50 Normal | x100 Premium
Drop x10 Normal | x20 Premium
Mine x20 Normal | x40 Premium
Animus x100 Normal | x200 Premium
PT , Skill & Force GM
Disable BD
Disable Auction House
Disable Mail
Disable Resto Talic at Npc
Disable Relic
Fiture GameCP Mall
Standar CCR Upgrader & Damage
Dual Log in Max 3 User
Cash Coin Capsule Drop
Max Pvp 15.000 Normal | 30.000 Premium
Sell Rate Gli 10.000.000 , Beam 7.500.000 & Rian 5.000.000
Armor 50 Ints & Weapon 50 Ints at NPC Sette Middle
Low Price Cash Mall [Example Box Igno High 25.000 CC]
Lv 50 Regen Cash Coin 100 Normal | 250 Premium Sette
Lv 50 Regen Cash Coin 50 Normal | 100 Premium VC & Ether
Lv 50 Regen Cash Coin 150 Premium Cragmine
No Donation Equipment
Only Donation Premium , Cash Coin & Vote Coin

New Account Get :
Free Premium Service 1 Hour's
Cash Coin 100 [Buy Teleport]

Drop :
Young Flem : Cling
Wing : Elemental Low
Assaint Builder A : Booster Lv 40
Caliana Crew & Atrock : Gli & Beam
Caliana Archer : Gli
Kurr : Gli & Beam
Mutan VC : Cash Coin Capsule +500
Bogie Bolt : Cash Coin Capsule +100
Stone Block Elan : Talic Resto
Devas Elan : Talic Resto
Draco Elan : Gli & Beam
Jewel Cube : Cash Coin Capsule +1000 & Capsule Premium Service 3 Hours

Pit Boss:
Pit Boss HQ : Standar CCR+ Rune Change Talic & T3
Pit Boss Belphengor : Standar CCR + Rune Change Talic & T4
Pit Boss Ghost :Elemental Medium + Cash Coin Capsule +1000
Pit Boss GoldPig Sette/Ether: Cash Coin Capsule +1000
Pit Boss Strayer : Standar CCR + LGS
Pit Boss Elan : Standar CCR + Cash Coin +500
Pit Boss 3D : Standar CCR + Cash Coin +1000
Pit Boss Draco BM : Standar CCR+ Cash Coin +10.000