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Level 1
RF RDR 2232 3RD Job . Sudah berjalan 1tahun ++ dan Update job 3rd + wipe data ( diulang dari 0 lagi ) come join us brad and sist .. Takut tutup ? ga mungkin sobb :D , Balance? ya jelas broo . Owner nya tau seluk beluk RF dan GM nya friendly .. bnyk event" , Donate and non donate? Beda cuma 1-3k damage sob hahaha :D

Website : http://rf-rdr.com/
Download Patch : http://www.mediafire...b FullPatch.rar
Register : http://rf-rdr.com/register
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/groups/439551572796087/

untuk info dan rate server
RF RDR High Rate PVP Server,

= Rate server=


Version Golden Modifed Client
New Isis, New Mau, New Siege Kit
Active And Friendly GM
LVL Cap 80 Update, More Fun
Exp : 3000x
Loot : 30x
Mining 40x
Duration Skill Buff : 3000 Second
Get 3 Calliana Nackle For New Character
Free 50.000 CPT For New Character
Loss Quest LVL 50 & 56
All Reward Quest Off
New Map Available
High Rate Succes Upgrade Item
No Overpower Donation
Fair Player Welcome.

=Drop list server=

All About Drop List,
Young Flem: Exelcior C
Flem: Elementa Perfect, Legacy Blade
Jewerly Cube: Golden Elemental Semi-Pro
Lord Archer: Gli, Beam
Big-Lord Clan: Weapon Relic Lv 80
Lord Knight: Armor Lv 80
PB Belphegor: Leon Lv 40
PB Huge Beacon: Leon Lv 50, Teleport, Summon, Anti Stigma & Scare
PB Izen: Leon Lv 55
PB 3D & BlackSign: Booster Effect
All PB Elan: Teleport, Summon, Anti Stigma & Scare
All PB Markas: All Rune.

=Npc list server=

All About NPC List,

Cashop [ Jade Lv, OD 70 ]
Cashop Potion 2 Rasa
All Talic & Tier 5
UMT Chashop & Battery
Armor Dewan 80 Polos [6]
Armor Lv 35-65 +6 [7]
Armor Daidalos,KnightWalker,Palmas Lv 70 +7 [7]
Armor Golden Lv 75 +7 [7]
Weapon Lv 35-70 +6 [7]
Weapon Golden Lv 75 +7 [7]
Shield Lv 35-75 +6 [7]
Booster Flag [ Only Dewan ]
Tower Lv 70, 75, 80
Trap Lv 70, 75, 80
Siege Lv 70, 80
Mau Gundam & Fighter Lv 80
5K For Ammo Spec
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