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RF - Starlight Reborn Official

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Join : http://rf-starlight.com/
Fan Page : https://www.facebook...ARLIGHT?fref=ts
Group FB : https://www.facebook...light.Official/

Link download : 1. >> http://www.mediafire....F-STARLIGHT.7z
2. >> https://copy.com/dNdK62BeG2eO

Sytem trade and drop disable (untuk menghindari duper)
Version GU Semi PVP Mods
Lvl Cap: 66
Exp Rate: x750
Loot Rate: x10
Animus Rate: x5000
Mining Rate: x50

Drop List :
Young Flem: Talic dan Starlight Box
Flem: Boster lvl 40
Wing: Pot recover exp, Portal Ether dan PB
Spellazuardian: T4
Draco Elan: Batu C
Great Curr: Rune Stone
Thunder Lizard: Boster lvl 50
Caliana Arcer: Gli, Beam dan rian (Spot Farming)
Bulky Lunker Sette: Shield intense 65 dan Animus

NPC Costum :
NPC Pembagi Hadiah
NPC Tukang Event
NPC Relic Starlight
NPC Armor Starlight
NPC Pot Starlight dan Cash Pot Starlight
NPC Weapon PVP Starlight
Not open for further replies.