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Level 1
Rate Server :

Server Information :
-Max lv 70
-Exp 9999x
-Drop Rate 75x
-Mining 75x
-Animus 9999x
-Quest 50 & 56 OFF
-PT skill/Force GM
-Skill Job 3000 scnd
-Player Max Upgrade +7
-New Map (Lumenion, lv 66-70)
-New Siege Survival 70, MAU 70, Animus 70
-New Weapon, Armor, Elemental Survival
-Save Zone Elf
-Free CPT 50.000, GP 30k (5pcs)
-Balance Damage, No over Damage Donation
-High Rate Upgrade
-KageZone Gameguard Anti Cheat And WPE
PC Server :
Processor Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5420 @2.50GHz (2 processors)
MainBoard Intel S5000VSA
Memory 24GB
OS Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Service Pack 1 64bit
Drop List dan Custom NPC

-Cashop (All Potion + OD + Pill Change Job + Pil Exp)
-All Portal Pitboss in NPC
-Weapon, Armor, Shield Rare B lv 35-65 Slot 7 (+6)
-Npc Weapon Survival (medium) Lv 70 +6 Buy With GP @450.000
-Armor Golden Survival (medium) Lv 70 +6 Buy With GP @400.000/pcs
-Elemental Survival (medium) Buy With GP @55.000
-Npc Elven Shield (medium) Lv 70 +6 Buy With GP @300.000
-Booster (medium) lv 70 Buy With GP @200.000
-Armor Survival [DONATION] 70+6 Buy With Pvp Point @30.000
-Armor Council Survival Lv 70 +6 Buy With Dalant/CP/Disena @500jt
Npc Sette :
-Full Cashop : Jade Lvl, Pot TP, Summon TP, Movement Speed, All Stable 6-7, T5, All Talic
-All Batu Excelsiar A/B/C (Black, Yellow, White), Tower dan Trap 70
-Leon 45 Slot 7 Polos (low)
NPC Ether :
-Elemental Survival (high) Buy With Pvp Point @15.000
-Elven Shield Survival [DONATION] 70+6 Buy With Pvp Point @20.000
NPC Elan :
-Weapon Survival [DONATION] Lv 70 +6 Buy With Pvp Point @30.000
Drop List

HQ :
-Flem : Legacy Blade, Portal New Map (Lumenion)
-Young Flem : Elemental Perfect
-Wing : Gli,Beam, 1 slot = 50jt
-Pb All Markas HQ : All Rune
Sette :
-Bulky lunker : jade vitality
-PB Kwele : GP 30k, Leon High, Booster Aiming,Blood Grade 99
-PB Jetso : Armor High Survival, Leon High, GP 30k , Snow Pray, Elemental High
VC :
-Giant Baba : Mau Blessing
-Curr : Booster Blood dan Aiming Grade 55
-PB Belpegor : Booster High Survival Lv 70
Elan :
-Rhea Devastator : Gold Capsule 3k
-Boogie Volt : Box Elemental HDH
-PB Elan selain 3D : GP 3k - 10k, Pot AntiStigma/failure Lv 1-2
-PB 3D : Elemental 3D, GP 30k, Pot AntiStigma/Failure lv 3
Ether :
-Caliana Crue dan Atrock : Talic Crystal
-Caliana Archer : Silver Pig Statue (Farm low, 1 slot= 100jt )
-Assasin Builder B : Booster AntiCrit 50
OC :
-PB RL : Pot AntiStigma / Failure lv 1-2, GP 3k
Beast Mountain (BM) :
-Jewel Cube : Dual OD,Snow Pray, Leon Medium
Elf :
-Dark Elf Berseker : CN (farm Medium, 1 slot = 280jt)
Bio :
-BlackSign Commanders : Gold Pig Statue (Farm High, 1 slot = 500jt)
-PB Thor : GP 30k, Shield DONATION, Revival Potion
-PB Izen : GP 30k, Leon Medium, Revival Potion
Lumenion :
-Holy Elf Royal Guard, Berseker : GP 1k - 10k
-PB Hora Queen Naiad Healer : Weapon Donasi, Armor DOnasi, Elemental High, Shield Donasi, Talk Jade
CHIP : Weapon Donation, Snow Pray, OD 70 deff / atk, GP 30k
HSK : Ele High, Shield donasi, GP 30k

WEB = http://www.rf-survival.com/
DOWNLOAD LINK = http://www.rf-survival.com/download.html
Not open for further replies.