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RF Terminator 2.2.3 | Legendary Pvp Server

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Level 1


Max lv 66
Exp 5000x
drop 15x
Animus 10000x
Mining 50x
PT/Skill/Force GM
Gli, Beam @100M/pack
Caliana Nackle @500M/Pack
Quest off 50 & 56
Active Staff
Free Updgrade To +7
Free 15.000 Contribute Point New Character
No Over Power Donation
Active Event

Max Money
Max Gold 1.000.000

HackShield Protect
Disable WPE , SPE
Disable Bug Vote



Cash Shop
Scrol PB
Leon 40-55 +7
Weapon PvP 70 +7
Elemental Christmas Low
Armor Rare B 70 Slot 7
Senjata Rare B 70 +7
Shield Rare B 35-70 +6
Shield Elven +6
Boster 50 +7
Armor Dewan +6 lv 70
All Armor 35 ~ 50 +7
Relic 45 +7


Full Cash Shop
Stable 5-6
ALL Talic
Tier 5

#Pvp Point

Armor Terminator[Donate] +6 (20.000 /Pcs)
Weapon Terminator[Donate] +6 (30.000 /pcs)


Tower 65
Trap 65


Flem -> Didalos armor lv 1
Young Flem -> Gli,Beam,Chat Jade
Wing -> Legacy Blade


Hoom Baba -> MAU Bleshing
Giant Baba -> All Rune
Belpeghor -> Boster 4 Effect


Kukra Patrol -> Batu A,B,C
Kukra Captain -> All Rune


Metal Elf Archer -> Calliana Neckle


CHIP -> Piece Of Snow Pray


Ring Leader -> Anti Stigma
Dagnue -> Elemental Terminator Accretia[Donate]
Dagan -> Elemental Terminator Bellato[Donate]
Dagon -> Elemental Terminator Cora[Donate]
Thor -> Revival Potion
WingBox -> Kentang,Hot Chocolate,Move Speed,Dual OD
Santa Shoty -> Elemental Donate
*System Wars*
Win Get C.P.T 5.000
Fail Get C.P.T 3.000
Lose Get C.P.T 1.500

UP 17/09/2013 Time : 19.00 WIB
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