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Rungus Radio & TV Player - Versi 1.2.0


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Rungus Free TV & Radio Player is a basic program that gives users access to a large number of Indonesian television & radio stations. It's nothing fancy, but it does contain links to a staggering amount of content. You can request to add your favourites TV station or Radio station to us.

The program's interface is simple, with its content types- TV and radio arranged in two tabs. Users simply click on the content that they want to access, and it plays either within the player itself or in the VLC player, which must be downloaded separately. The online Help file is fairly well-done, although we wished that it opened in the user's default browser & not Internet Explorer. Rungus Free TV & Radio Player is a pretty basic program, but it does have a few extra features that make it stand out among similar programs.

Rungus Free TV & Radio Player is free. It comes as a ZIP file & installs desktop icons without asking, but it uninstalls cleanly. We recommend this program to all users.

RUNGUS RADIO & TV PLAYER – Version 1.2.0

  • Kompatibel dengan semua OS Windows (XP/Vista/7/8) 32bit dan 64bit
  • Auto update playlist (Radio dan TV)
  • Membutuhkan Net Frame 4.0
Download: http://www.rungusplayer.com/download/

Daftar Saluran Radio:

N3 Unity Radio Forum N3
99’ers Bandung
Ardan Radio Bandung
Ayo Chat Radio Forum Ayo Chat
Cirebon Radio Cirebon
Cosmo Radio Bandung
Delta FM Bandung
Delta FM Jakarta
Dengerin Musik Indonesia Internet
DJ FM Surabaya
Elshinta Radio Jakarta
Fajri FM Bandung
Gajah Mada FM Semarang
Galuh Radio Tasikmalaya
Global Radio Bandung
HardRock FM Bandung
Indogamers Radio Forum IDGS
Indowebster Radio Forum IDWS
iRadio FM Bandung
iRadio FM Makasar
iRadio FM Medan
Kaskus Radio Forum Kaskus
Kisi FM Bogor
K-Lite Radio Bandung
Martha FM Tasikmalaya
Megaswara Radio Bogor
MGT Radio Bandung
MQ FM Bandung
Mustang FM Jakarta
Nagaswara FM Bandung
Nuansa Radio Cirebon
OZ FM Bandung
PHW Radio Forum PHW
Pilar Radio Cirebon
Prambors Radio Bandung
Prambors Radio Jakarta
Radio Assunnah Bandung
Radio B Bandung
Rama FM Bandung
Rase FM Bandung
Rodja FM Bandung
Rodja FM Jakarta
Sindo Radio Bandung
Win FM Bogor

Daftar Saluran TV

  • ANTV Jakarta
  • Global TV Jakarta
  • Indosiar Jakarta
  • Kompas TV Jakarta
  • Metro TV Jakarta
  • NET TV Jakarta
  • RCTI Jakarta
  • RTV Jakarta
  • SCTV Jakarta
  • Trans 7 Jakarta
  • Trans TV Jakarta
  • TV One Jakarta
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Agan.klu untuk mengambil station tv melalui rooter gimana caranya.alnya terlalu banyak pengeluaran neh untk byr biaya jaringan.
Mohon info nya gan.