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Slogan untuk Nyit-Nyit.Net

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Tukang Sapu
Hi all,

Kita ada planning untuk mengganti logo dan slogan web kita, untuk logo design akan di handle oleh team designer N3, dan untuk slogan, bagaimana kalau kita nyari ide bagus untuk N3. Sebelumnya adalah N3 - 1st Indonesian Software Modifications - Cheats - Programs - Games Forum

Tidak ada batas waktu untuk perekaan pergantian slogan ini.

N3 - ....
  • Obsession for gamers, the love of cheaters
  • Between cheaters and gamers lies obsession
  • I Win you lose
  • Your potential our obsession
  • Passion of bytes
  • Pejuang Belakang Layar
  • Pendekar belakang layar
  • Today a follower. Tomorrow a thinker
  • N3? Be Smart, Let Start
  • It’s a need you can hacked.
  • Enter a different world
  • it’s the era of the bytes power.
  • Respect all, fear none
  • Our goal is making fun of yours
  • My blood, my sweat, your smiles
  • N3 doesn’t build character, it reveals one
  • Together we stand, together we fall. All for one and one for all!
  • N3: Making gamers happy since 2003
  • Surrender the ME for the WE
  • 1 community 1 heartbeat
  • Go hard or go sleep!
  • Banned is temporary, Pride is forever
  • Cheat til you die
  • Real cheaters are here
  • Learn Hard, Have Fun
  • Every byte counts
  • We came.We conquered. We survived!
  • N3, one community, one legend
  • gamers are not normal, cheaters are life safer
Yang diatas adalah ide saya, yang copas tolong ya minta ijin.

Ini ide saya, mana ide kamu ?


Level 1
kayanya saya jadi yang pertama nih, hehehe... idenya ni

indonesian best cheater forum since 2003


Level 1
N3 : Nice Naughty Nationalism
N3 : Elder is begun from Newbie
N3 : The other side of the gamers
N3 : Comes from the curious to an expert


Tukang Sapu
yang posting mbok ya ngasih ide sendiri bukan disuruh milih :p

kalau ndak isa bahasa inggris pake bhs Indo aja.. :eek:k:
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