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What is Important in a Web Design?


A web page is one of the most powerful tools businesses have for generating new business and for exposing products and ideas to a large market. A great web page can increase sales, increase attention, and increase popularity of products, services, or ideas.
An extraordinary web design will incorporate artistic elements such as balance, harmony, color, continuity and flow throughout the page.

If a user visits a web page and the web design is boring the visitor will not stay long, The average person spends ten to twenty seconds browsing through a web page so it is important to choose a designer that is skillful at creating a site that will captivate the viewer from the first few seconds, and hang on to his or her attention long after that first look.
Likewise, most people who are browsing web pages are doing just that, browsing. When a viewer visits a web page, typically less than twenty five percent of the material being presented is read, so it is important that the message be concise. A good web design will draw the viewers eye to the most important aspect of what is being presented.
If the viewer thinks that your web site has information that is valuable to him or her that viewer will typically stay just under one minute. People are more likely to stay on a site that flows well, and is easy to navigate. It is frustrating when you are on a website that is difficult maneuver around in. A potential customer who is in a hurry will switch sites more rapidly if he or she can not find an item or idea quickly.
A talented professional web designer can use interesting color choices, balance, and harmony to help a page draw the viewers eye and hold it there. He can create a site that flows and is easy to navigate. He can help with the text so that it concisely delivers the intended message, and he can keep the viewer there longer by creating pages that are easy to navigate.
A professionally done web design will be the most powerful tool that your business has.

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