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Deadpool Remaster akan Hadir untuk Ps4 dan Xbox One pada Bulan November Mendatang


Game Maniacs
Game yg berjudul Deadpool ini pertama kali dirilis pada tahun 2013 untuk PS3, Xbox 360, & PC. Kali ini, GameStop baru saja mengabarkan bahwa game ini akan diremastered untuk PS4 & Xbox One.

Kalian bisa mendapatkan remaster ini dengan harga $49.99 / senilai dengan kurang lebih Rp.650.000,-* yg sudah termasuk dengan DLC (2 level & 2 kostum). Jika kalian ingin mengikuti pre ordernya bisa kalian klik disini untuk PS4, & disini untuk Xbox One.

Twitter - Gamestop

Dibawah ini kalian bisa membaca tulisan berbahasa Inggris khas Deadpool yg berkesan nyeleneh:

There are a few important things I need to say before you crack into my insanely sweet game. (You might want to sit down for this!). Im a mercenary with an accelerated healing factor. Ive been described as unstable, which is just plain coo-coo. (Wait, do same people say coo-coo?) Be prepared for just about anything. (Holla!)
Why My Game Is Awesome!
LETS GET SOME ACTION: I made sure to capture all my good sides, so I made my game a third-person, action-shooter. (Yep, you get to look at my heinie.)
X-MEN GROUPIES: Keep a look out cuz some of my X-Men pals (Whoa, What Pals?!) are making an appearance.
INSANE COMBAT: Im really good at killing, so I made it a blast stringing together combos and totally eviscerating my enemies. (Ev-is-cer-a-ting!)
WEAPONS GALORE: I brought my skills and a buttload of my favorite things. Katanas (check), guns (bang!), explosives (boom), duct tape (quack), and of course, yours truly ME! (Checkmate!)
Bonus Content: Im giving you even more ME! Im including the DLC (2 sweet levels & 2 alternate suits!) from the old platforms. Consider it my gift to you, my #1 fan!

(* Harga tersebut merupakan harga perkiraan/kurang lebih, dengan tafsiran $1=Rp.13.000,-)



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