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Gunbound Secret


Level 1
Gunbound Secret

1. Hidden/Unreleased Maps:

These maps are either hidden or unreleased but I think they are SIDE B of Miramo Town, Dragon and Sea of Hero maps

2. ASCII Codes

You don't know how to enter some COOL symbols in GB like Heart, Arrows, Star ? Use this ASCII Codes Table to do it.

How to use:
- Press and Hold ALT key
- Type the number (in the NumPad keyboard)

For example :
Heart : 0162 - 0189
You press: ALT(hold) 0 1 6 2
Then: ALT(hold) 0 1 8 9

3. Hidden Flags

Do you know that GB has some hidden flags avatar, which we cannot use. But sometimes, I've seen the Game Master

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____

Artikel lain

Mobile HP/Shield Shot Weight Delay 1/2/SS Delay
*Armor 1000 HP Heavy 525 Tank/10 Turn 250/470/800
Mage 760 HP/220 Shield(30 regen) Averange 500 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Nak 1100 HP Very Heavy 520 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Trico 1100 HP Heavy 490 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Bigfoot 1100 HP Average 520 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Boomer 1000 HP Very Light 480 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Raon 1050 HP Average 500 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Lightning 750 HP/300 Shield(20 regen) Light 500 Tank/10 Turn 250/300/800
JD 700 HP/250 Shield(20 regen) Light 490 Tank/10 Turn 250/340/800
A.Sate 750 HP/200 Shield(30 regen) Light 480 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Ice 1200 HP Average 490 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Turtle 960 HP Average 490 Tank/12 Turn 250/400/800
Grub 1000 HP Average 490 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Aduka 1000HP Average 510 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/800
Dragon 1000 HP Very Light 550 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/840
Knight 1000 HP Heavy 550 Tank/10 Turn 250/400/840
J.Frog 1050 HP Very Light 520 Tank/10 Turn 250/250/880
Kalsiddon 1100 HP Heavy 510 Tank/10 Turn 250/460/880
Tips n Trick

Tips And Tricks For Gunbound

Did you ever hear of the word "Delay" it means the higher the delay you have the longer you have to wait to get you're turn.

It's the bottom thing in the left corner. He'res and example: You and you're enemy have numbers at the bottom left corner

they represent you're delay. The person with the number on the top of the list is gonna get their turn first, the lower you're

delay means you're turn comes quicker. The person at the bottom of the list will get their turn last. Also the first attack

has the least delay as the second and SS have the greatest delay. Dual has great delay as well. Use delay to you're

advantage, here's a trick to use with delay: If you're opponent uses dual and second shot you can hit him/her with you're

shot 1 then you can hit you're opponent with a dual second shot.


Ranking is created by GP, usually you get 5 gp if you win. A good idea is to play with your friend alot and get lots of GP.

Here's how the scoring system works.

Chick (NEWBIE) - The Rank you start with.

Wood Hammer- 1100 GP

Double Wood Hammer- 1200 GP

Stone Hammer-1500 GP

Double Stone Hammer-1800 GP
Metal Axe-2100 GP

Double Metal Axe-2800 GP
Silver Axe- 3500 GP
Double Silver Axe- 4200 GP
Gold Axe-5100 GP
Double Gold Axe-Over 6000 GP

Double Sided Axe- Over 6900 GP

Double Sided Axe +-70 %, over 6900 GP

Silver Double Sided Axe-50%, over 6900 GP

Thanks ... :lol:


Level 1
Part II

masih banyak trik nya mas,tp ngak sempet post nya,itu bendera biasanya di pake oleh GM,staff,ini di ambil dari GBWC International....

High Angle Guide
Wind: Must be 0 or 1 wind.

Where the thin yellow lines intersect is where a full powered shot of the angle indicated will land. For example, if I were to hit brenden720, I would use 83, full powered.


1) If the wind is blowing at 2, and with your shot, not against, use 1 degree less. For example, if the wind is blowing 2 to the right, I would use 84 degrees instead of 83 to hit brenden720.

2) Bolded yellow line on the bottom is an easy indication of an 87 full powered shot; the "[ALL]" button to the middle markers of the power-bar.

3) An 85 degree shot can be measured by using your right click button and dragging the wind-indicator next to your enemy. It should be about half a centimeter away from it, indicated by the bolded yellow X. Same applies for an 86 shot, but on the other side of the wind-indicator.

4) Do not use the "1 degree = 3 centimeter" rule, because it is not always the same for different resolution monitors.

5) For 89 angles, try it once with 0 wind, see where it lands, and memorize how far away that is. This would be a "one degree length".

6) For enemies that are more than 1 screen away, use common subtraction. If an enemy is 2 screens away, think of 1 screen as -9 degrees (90-81=9), so exactly 2 screens away would be -18, or 72 degrees (90-72=18). Rule applies for all angles.

7) Note elevation. If your enemy is higher than you by a substantial (about half-screen vertically) amount, go a little closer. If your enemy is lower than you by a substantial amount, walk a little farther back.

8) If you want to make a better approximation of an 88 degree shot, you can align your mobile relatively to your target's mobile according to the measurement in the upper right corner, indicated by the 88. A more exact description is that the left edge of your mobile touches the left side of the first item slot, and the right edge of your target's mobile touches the right side of the sixth item slot.

9) With an almost-exact 88 and 87, and a near-exact 86 and 85, you can get an exact 84 and 83 by remembering where a 1-screen 81 is, then subtracting that distance by the distance of an 88 (2 degrees) for and 83, and subtracting the distance of an 87 (3 degrees) for the 84.

10) It just happens to be so that J.D.'s (cakebot) high angle at 0 wind shots are either extremely close or exactly the same as Boomer's. However, it is rather difficult to happen to have such an angle and coincidentally be at the right spot for a full-powered shot, so adjustments might need to be made.

11) Mammoth's high angles are exactly the same as the Boomer's high angles as well.

12) With regards to 2 winds pointing up or down at a high slope, it either will affect your shot by 1 degree or it won't make any difference at all. Sometimes, if it's pointing diagonally upward and you're shooting with the wind, it is hard to tell whether you'll need to take off a degree or not, so just try once (and guestimate, of course) and the correction if necessary.

13) If the wind is perfectly pointing left or right, pretend 1 wind strength is the same as 2, and 2 is the same as 3.

14) For 3 or higher winds, refer to this:

-I think the wind conditions have to be near-horizontal, but not too far from it, nor exactly horizontal. First, from your position, find the degrees you would do if it was 0 wind. Then move back (away from your target) 1 mobile's length (by that, I mean the width of your avatar). Then, add "Windstrength - 1" degrees.

-An example:

-If the wind was say 7, pointing left, and your target was at the left. Say your target is exactly 1 screen away from your standing point. Move right the length of a mobile. Normally, you would do 81 degrees, but Windstrength = 7, so 7-1=6, so add 6 to 81, you would do a full powered 87 shot to hit him.

-I'm not 100% positive about this, but it has been working for me most of the time.

-If the wind is pointing slightly lower than horizontal, it won't go as far, and if it's pointing perfectly up-right or up-left, it will go farther.

-I'm sure this method works for 3-5 winds, but I haven't tested with higher winds than 5.

Power Build:This build is very popular by many, it's basic brute strength for stronger attacks.

Pro: Very powerful attacks.

Con: Speed and defense can be somewhat slow, expect to wait a bit for your turns.

Speed Build:This build is build for low delay so you can have more turns.

Pro: Will be moderately faster than most bots, can have more turns in long games.

Con: Low defense and power, can take only a few hits.

Defense Build: This build is made of pure armor, will take low damage from attacks.

Pro: High in defense, as far as I know, max is 50 defense. Won't die easily.

Con: Won't do much damage and can be a bit annoying not doing much damage

Dig Build: This build is made for bunging players or bury them in the ground.

Pro: Great for maps designed for bunging. Can throw off player's angles when they are in ground.

Con: Not good if it is not a bunge map or if people carry some teleporters with them. Low Damage.

Health Build: Almost same as defense build but this affects your health.

Pro: High health, great when use recovery items.

Con: High health but poor in other stats

Item Speed Build: This build will make the delay from using items lower.

Pro: Great if you use items a lot and don't like waiting.

Con: There are so many item slots and the host can limit you to less items for choosing.

Shield Build: Will make shield bots have stronger shield.

Pro: Shield bots will benefit nicely from having a stronger shield.

Con: There are limited shield bots to choose from, not very bot friendly stat.


Thanks ... :(


Level 1
Part III

Symbol Guide

To Make Symbols On Gunbound you must press certain key set. First of all you must hold down alt at all times then let go when you are done the key code.

These codes are for putting together. For example ¢¾ makes a filled heart on gunbound.
¡: 173, 429, 685, 0161

¢: 155, 411, 0162, 667

½: 171, 427, 0189

¼: 172, 428, 0188

¾: 0190

«: 174, 430

»: 175, 431

ô: 147, 659, 0244, 0500

Õ: 0213

Ø: 0216

Ö: 665

ç: 0231

é: 642, 45698

â: 643

Ä: 654

Å: 655

À: 0192

È: 0200

É: 656, 0201

Ê: 0202

Ë: 0203

Ì: 0204

Í: 0205

Î: 0206

Ï: 0207

Ð: 0208

Ñ: 421, 677, 0209

Ù: 0217

Ú: 0218

Û: 0219

Ü: 154, 666, 0220

Ý: 0221

Þ: 0222

ß: 0223

à: 645 0224

á: 160 0225

â: 0226

ã: 0227

ä: 644 0228

å: 0229

£: 668

Æ: 658

º: 423, 679

ß: 0223

Þ: 0222

¿: 168, 424

now lets start with the real thing. When you put two of these codes or more from above you get something. Here's the complete list of what you can get:

Star (filled): ¡Ú

Star (not filled): ¡Ù

Heart (not filled): ¢½

Spades (not filled): ¢»

Clover (not filled): ¢¿

Coffee: ¢Í

Phone (filled): ¢Ï

Phone (not filled): ¢Î

Hand (point left): ¢Ð

Hand (point right): ¢Ñ

Middle Finger: ôÈ

Human Looking Thing:¿ô

Whole note: ¢Ú

Quarter note: ¢Û

Double 1/8th note: ¢Ý

Pm: ¢ä

Am: ¢ã

Co: ¢á

sign: ¢Þ

Heart (filled): ¢¾

Spades (filled): ¢¼

Clover (filled): ¢À

Diamonds (filled): ¡ß

Diamonds (not filled): ¡Þ

Arrows left/right (double lined): ¢¢

Arrow right (double lined): ¢¡

Arrow up/down: ¢Õ

Arrow down-right: ¢Ù

Arrow up-right: ¢Ö

Arrow down: ¡é

Arrow left: ¡ç

Arrow up-left: ¢Ø

Circle (filled): ¡Ü

Circle half filled (filled right): ¢Å

Circle half filled: (filled left): ¢Ä

Triangle not filled (point up): ¡â

Triangle not filled (point down): ¡ä

Triangle filled (point right): ¢º

Box (filled): ¡á

Box (not filled): ¡à

Box w/ 2 stripes vertically: ¢È

Box w/ 9 box inside: ¢Ë

Box shaded with diagonals: ¢Ì

Box shaded with diagonal lines /: ¢É

Box shaded with diagonal lines : ¢Ê


Frame (top-left): ¡º

Frame (bottom-right: ¡»

|| (close together): ¡«

[ (more bold): ¡¼

] (more bold): ¡½

Upside-down T: ¡Ñ

No: ¢à

TM: ¢â

Tel: ¢å

1/8th note: ¢Ü

Male sign: ¡Î

Infinity sign: ¡Ä

Wider ¢: ¡Ë

Square made of dots: ¢Æ

X with dots in each space: ¡Ø

Upside-down A: ¢£

Thanks ... :lol:


Level 1
Part IV

kalo map nya ngak gak tau pasti,karena blom di update dari tempat nya.....
bukan cheat cuman trik.....

Guide For Money Making

Shot Rewards

Double Kill- Kill two people in 1 turn. For it you get 500 Gold.

Bunge Shot-Bunge a person. For it you get 100 Gold.

Finish Bonus-Kill somebody. For it you get 100 Gold.

Excellent Shot-Do 500 or over damage in 1 turn. For it you get 50 gold.

Good Shot-Do over 250 damage in 1 turn. For it you get 20 Gold.

Shot Bonus-Do over 150 damage in 1 turn. For it you get 10 Gold.

Hurricane Bonus -Shot goes through a hurricane and deals 50+ damage. For it you get 20 gold.

High Angle-Shoot over 70 degrees and the shot stays in the air for 2.5 seconds. For it you get 15 gold.

Ultra High Angle-Shoot over 70 degrees and the shot is in the air for 4.0 seconds and dealing over 50 damage. For it you get 30 Gold.

Boomer Shot -The attacks goes backwards in the air. For it you get 20 Gold.

Back Shot-The Attack goes behind you. For it you get 25 Gold.

3000 damage- Total damage inflicted is 3000+. For it you get 100 Gold.

2000 damage- Total damage inflicted is 2000+. For it you get100 Gold.

1000 damage- Total damage inflicted is 1000+. For it you get 100 Gold.

Suicide-You kill yourself. -50 Gold if you did it.

Team Damage-50+ damage to yourself or teammates. -25 Gold.

Winning Award-Win 1 VS 1 game. 100 Gold

Winning Award-Win 2 VS 2 game. 150 Gold.

Winning Award-Win 3 VS 3 game. 200 Gold

Winning Award-Win 4 VS 4 game. 300 Gold.

As you can see from the chart, the absolute easiest way to earn money is simply by winning games and dealing damage. It's not necessary to do tricks like High Angles or Back Shots, they don't even give you that much gold. Just win games!

What you want to avoid is killing youself, your teammates, or just even damaging them. If there's someone on your team near an opponent and you're not very good, don't shoot at that opponent. You'll risk losing your gold.

Shooting at high angles are always a good skill to have. You can always practice in 1 VS 1 games where you have no one calling you a noob or in an alternate account. Or both.

The Money Suit:

The standard money suit consists of these items:

Head: Punky Brown Face: Red Nose Body: Hawaiian Wear/Flamingo Flag: Vampire Casket/Panda Stick.

Sure, you'll look really ugly but there's plenty of money to go around and buy a new avator. Panda Stick has 2 more popularity than Casket, but it costs much more and just 2 percent really isn't necessary. Plus Casket matches the all brown scheme.

For the ladies: Head: Flamingo Hair/Thanksgiving Face: Red Nose Body: Flamingo/Hawaiian Wear Flag: Vampire Casket/Panda Stick

It's basically the same thing as the guys except more colorful. The flag can be for guys or gals so the same things apply.

If you want, there are also a few alternates that may make you look better, but won't get you 50+ popularity:

Head: Bridesgroom Hair/Poet Head/Flamingo Hair/Thanksgiving Face: Cross Scar/Pig Mask/Monkey Mask Body: Cowboy/Thanksgiving/Tuxedo Flag: Acrobot/Lamp of Good Luck/Worker Bee/Conga

The Money Making Mobiles

The Grub is my favorite mobile to use for money. True, it's not very strong in power. However, its shot 2 doesn't need that much aim. It relies on the surface and texture of the ground around it. The 4 balls keep rolling and rolling for a while on the ground before it explodes. If the ground slopes downwards, the balls will roll down the slope. If your opponent happens to be there and you shoot a bit above him/her, the balls will roll down and hit for an easy Boomer Shot Bonus. Grub also has a decent range with this shot. When ditched, you can try and pull off a back shot. It's much easier to do it with this mobile than others as you don't need to be as accurate. Plus, you still have a chance to get Boomer Shot Bonus or the Back Shot Bonus! You can get both, but the game only records Back Shot Bonus because it's worth more money. Another great thing about Grub is how easy it is to get High Angle and Ultra High Angle bonuses. While the bombs are still rolling on the ground, it counts as air time. So if you take a 70 degree angle+ shot in the air and the balls roll around for 2 seconds after being in the air for 2 seconds, you still get the Ultra High Angle Bonus which is pretty swell. Yet another awesome trait of the Grub is that the bombs can't fly off screen. Its shot two will always bump back against the edges of the map. If they bounce and it hits the opponent, that's an easy Boomer Shot Bonus! The downside to this though is that it can't go past up the screen either.


Boomer is another great money maker, but only to those who know how to use it. Everyone should know that Boomer takes the most skill to learn since wind greatly effects its shots. However, that's the thing about Boomer that makes it such a great money maker. Boomer also has insane range, even if not all of it is true angle, any damage dealt will get you juicy bonuses. It's extremely easy to back shot with Boomer. If the person is behind you, turn to face the same way he/she is and(assuming the wind is pointing toward the opponent behing you) fire a weak shot. The wind should make it curve backwards for an easy back shot. Boomer Shot Bonus is also relatively easy to get with Boomer once you learn how to use it. Shoot up, let the wind bend it back and you get Boomer Shot Bonus and Back Shot Bonus. Ultra High Angle is also easy with this. If the opponent is far away, just aim above 70 degrees and let the wind do the talking. Once you learn how to play Boomer well, you probably already know all of this or is doing it without even knowing. Boomer deals pretty decent damage so it's still a nice bot to play even if you don't want money. Boomer's probably the better one to play here as it is a much better bot than Grub, plus you can do tricks. Remember, the biggest and easiest bonus there is to get is the Win Bonus.

Thanks ... :lol:


Level 1
Bisa donk ...

Tapi lu sekalian belajar bahasa inggris aja ... hohoho :lol:

Lu translate aja dech ... cari di google ... ^_^

Thanks ... :(


bhsya keren tp itu ampuh nda klo dibuktikan?? :lol:


Level 1
wew wew wew wew wew

ampun de ampe puyeng bacanya...
baru tau juga darah turtle dikid padahal def nya gede


3 SD
Level 2
biar gw lurusin....!
sepertinya kebanyakan itu adalah code sebelum gunbound new seson..!
trus yg kita ketahui bahwa settingan game di dalam negri kita dan diluar negri kita berbeda.
org yg membeli penuh suatu game bisa mengotak2-atik game tersebut secara penuh....!
jadi bisa aja kita tidak berhasil mengunakan kode2 tersebut di wcg indonesia..!

sepertinya bagian part 1 kurang lengkap infonya..!
contoh ada sat bagian penjelasan simbol2, itukan simbol2 pada saat wcg masih seson lama dan bagaimana kita bisa tau kapan pengunaanya..! , apa membutuhkan software tambahan atau engetahui ardesnya...?!


Ada yang tau command untuk keluarin yg aneh2 misalnya dulu "/cjswoshrdua" itu buat jdin map jd tipe "way to go, korea"


Mas..itu hasil copy dari situs Gunbound Luar Negeri ya...??

Kayaknya Tipsnya boleh juga,tapi sebaiknya di Translate dulu, biar temen2 yang
lain g susah ngebacanya...

Makasih Deh bwt Tips n Secretnya..!!!


Level 1
Si Pogi NyoLong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woi Ne Feby,,Gi Kalo Gunbound Pake Cheat Engine isa Kaga??? TembuS HackShieldNya Gmn Gi??

feb ,, hahaha kabarlu gmn ?? sory neh feb ... gw rada sibuk ... lg make a ps ro ... gege ... bisa pake cheat engine trus tinggal bypast na ... feb ketemuan ja yu dah lama ... PINDAH RUMAH SICH U !!! hahahaimgconfirm.jpg


Nyit-Nyit Lovers
Level 2
kapan aja bisa..
pokoknya pas mau ngomong,tinggal klik messeges kayak gitu