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[Share] Compiled Eathena & Exe

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1 SD
Level 2
Om.... Saya Boleh Ikutan Share Ga???

Soalna Dah Lama Gk Maen RO... Lagi Ngutak Ngatik Berbagai Macam Server Development hihi...


Level 1
hehe just sharing2 ap yg gw dpt jg dr sis vodka...

sis vodka mungkin akan exist di id-athena [project sis vodka] tp tanggal nya blum pasti kapan


Belum Sekolah
Level 1
btw nanya domz boz . . saia kan da ada ro offline adamz . . kl mw di update jd ad ninja n gunslinger , dkk gmn???

mohon di bntu plz . .

Not open for further replies.