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1337 generator tulisan orang Idiot...

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Babu Elite
VIP Kehormatan
cek ini web buat bikin tulisan lu otomatis jadi orang Idiot semua...


PS: harap reply dibawah menggunakan generator diatas semua.. dan jangan menggunakan tulisan IDIOT di thread selain thread FREE TO POST (bikin pusing member nanti...). kalo disini perkumpulan IDIOT mah bebas...

misal :

H0LYev1L [email protected] GaN+ENg 5uP3r, nD4 4D4 Y4ng Ng4l4Hin ke94nTengan [email protected]

D4RI [email protected] $4mP3 M3r4uK3, D4Ri [email protected] [email protected] pul4u r0TE..

GO IDIOT GO ...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


hoLy 3VIL m3M4N9 M1Rip L1mb4d,KAY4k $4Ud4R4 [email protected] 54j4 itu 0raN9,p0k0KNy4 [email protected]@+ +eru5 0M H0LY eVil,[email protected] M3NCUkUR J3NgG0T Mu...

gu3 8UKaN [email protected] 1D10+ $3PERt1 y4n9 sh4Re W3B 1ni...H0Ly eVIL [email protected]+ENg B4N9e+ kyK [email protected] !!

THE 835t 8u4t 0M HOLy eV1l...

lupa2 ingat..kuburan...

L3 4Y0 @y0 RaM3 R4m3 K1+4 KuMpuL [email protected] 9aK KEb0
L3 dudUk Ny4Nyi TUl0 tUl0 Ay0 K4BEH [email protected] yO0

[email protected],[email protected] l4l1 [email protected],[email protected] mENEh [email protected]
L4l1,L4lI [email protected] LAL1,L4l1 MEN3h 5y41rE
3L1Ng,3lIN9 3l1N9 el1K,cUm4k 3LIng KUnciN3
ELINg,4KU 3l1ng 3l1N9,cUm4k EL1n9 KuncINe

c 4 min0R D Min0r naN9 G n4Ng C m3NEH
4 MIn0R d M1Nor N4Ng g n4Ng C m3Neh
@ M1nOR d m1n0r N4ng g N4Ng C m3neH

[email protected] nAn9 *, **

C 4 mInor d M1n0R n4N9 9 n4NG C MEneH
4 MInoR d MInOr N4N9 g n4n9 C men3H
4 mInor D m1n0r [email protected] 9 [email protected] C mEN3h
4 MInoR d m1NOr n4n9 9 [email protected] C m3NEH
@ M1N0r d mIn0R naNg G N4N9 C M3NEH
@ m1n0r d M1n0r NaN9 G N4ng c MeNeH

n4H we$ +EKo c [email protected] n4N9 D1 M3n3h ki,
wE$ 4 [email protected] [email protected] C mEn3h 4E (NaN9 C M3neH) oJ0k pu5iNg-PU51Ng
[email protected] NiH k0yoK3 n4nG C m3NEh [email protected] ([email protected] C men3h) 0jok MELOKi

[email protected] iK1 seN9 enTok (nEN9 c men3h)
EY 53nG 8EneR We54 [email protected]+1 iKI
n4n9 c meneh N3NG C menEh ([email protected] c m1N00r)


w4LAUpUn 9w [email protected] [email protected] 81n9Un9 uNtUK [email protected]+k4N B1n9un9 NyA I+U,J4di [email protected]@ng 9W b1nguNg jU94 UN+uk menJAdi 9W 8in9uN9 [email protected] [email protected] iNI T4P1 jU94 81ngUng M4 [email protected] i+U [email protected]@uPuN Itu JU94 B1k1n gw bIngUNG 9w +3Rus LAnjuTk4n [email protected] NGEB1N9un9In +aNP4 h4rU5 J4di 81ngUnG j4d1 [email protected] 9W K3 5IN1 Y4ng BIk1N 9w mAK1N 81n9Un9 tRU5 9w [email protected] [email protected] Bin9ung [email protected] gW M4U K3 +EMp4+ Y4nG g4k b1k1N Gw B1n9uNG +4p1 [email protected] n9381n9uNG1n [email protected] +4nP4 k4+4 8in9UNg 9w [email protected] 8154 b1N9UN9 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] GW 8Ingun9 lA91 [email protected] D3N94n K4T4 8INgUn9 gW M3r45A 81N9un9 D15In1 GW 8inGuN9 [email protected] GW bin9UN9 C084 4d4 y4ng 8InGUN9 mA [email protected] bingUNg iNi P45TI [email protected] 8INgUn9 JU94 B1n9uNG K4N lU +4p1 j4d1nY4 $EbETUlNYa gw JU94 8INgun9 [email protected] [email protected] M4W 8iNGUNg [email protected] M4511h +3tEP [email protected] 81NGinG JU94 Tru5 9W [email protected] b1ngUN9 J4diny4 t4M84H b1N9UnG S4Mp3 @[email protected] [email protected] b1ngUNg l4G1 [email protected] 8in9UNG Gw jadi k38IN9uN94N g4R42 0R4n9 [email protected] 9w bIN9un9 K4REN4 9 +4w 4p4 GW j4D1 t4MB4h 81nGuNg N Di4 T3RU$ K381N9un9an [email protected] 54Mp3 GW [email protected] 81n9UnG +4pi GW CU84 U8tUk 9 B1ngUN9 [email protected] [email protected] gW +3tEp 4J4 B1NgUN9 P4l4G1 [email protected] b4cA [email protected] yg B1k1N 81n9Un9 n 53mu4 0r4n9 [email protected] nULI5 Y9 81NGUng bin9Ung 54mp3 [email protected] 9w 8InGuN9 m4W Nul1$ @pa,[email protected] Po$t1n9An 0R4n9 [email protected] D14+45 [email protected] nUl15 B1n9UNG 81N9Un9 b1nGung 81nGung gw [email protected] bin9un9 [email protected] 4KHiRNY4 [email protected] 81NGUnG La9i KAr3n4 BInGUN9 9W [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 0r4Ng $3bElAH GW b1nGUn9 [email protected] 9 [email protected] @p4 gw j4d1 t4m84h 81nGUN9 n [email protected] t3ru$ k3Bin9un94N 54mp3 $4mp3 9w [email protected] 81n9UN9 [email protected] gW [email protected] u8+uk 9 b1Ngun9 +4Pi [email protected]@ Gw T3t3P @j4 81NgUn9 [email protected] 54m81l 84cA [email protected] y9 81k1N 8IN9UNg N 53Mu4 0rAN9 [email protected] NULi$ yG b1N9Un9 81N9UnG [email protected] SaMPE 9w 8InGUng m4W NUL15 [email protected],[email protected] gw JUG4 b1nGuNg [email protected] kE8IN9UNG4n [email protected] 81n9Un9 +4pI m4$11H t3+3P 4j4 b1nGing ju94 +Ru5 Gw MAw Bin9UnG J4DiNy4 T4m84H bInGUn9 54Mpe 4KHIRny4 JAD1 8IN9Un9 [email protected] [email protected] b1n9uNG gW [email protected] KEb1N9uNg4n 94r42 oranG $e83L4h gW 8iNGung [email protected] g +4W 4P4 9w [email protected] [email protected] BiN9un9 n [email protected] T3Ru5 kEB1n9uNgAn [email protected] $Amp3 gw [email protected] 81n9unG T4PI gw cU84 Ub+uk G BIN9ung +4Pi [email protected] Gw +3TeP 4j4 b1NguNg PaL49I $4M81L Bac4 +HR34D y9 BIk1N 81NGUn9 n 53mU4 [email protected] [email protected] NUlI5 Y9 8iN9UN9 81NGuNG [email protected] [email protected] Gw B1NGunG m4W NuLI5 [email protected],[email protected] p0S+IN94n 0r4ng oraN9 [email protected]+4$ [email protected] nuLi5 8InGUNg BINgun9 bin9unG bINGUnG 9w [email protected]@


Level 2
eaaa..... gw ga kejebak vil....

GO IDIOT GO ...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahaha..... dasar evil iseng aje..... tapi bagus jg neh wat sandi di world war 2 biar orang asing ga isa translate wahahhaa.....


4 SD
Level 2
[email protected] gw J4d1 NY4 B1NguN9 uNtUk Mel4NJuTk4n bINgUNg [email protected] 1TU,[email protected] [email protected] 9W 81N9UN9 juG4 UN+Uk m3njadI 9W 8Ingun9 [email protected] [email protected] 1N1 T4pi ju94 b1n9UNG m4 Y4ng 1Tu [email protected] 1+U jU9a b1kIN 9W 8In9uNG 9w +eru$ L4nJuTk4n Y4N9 N9EBIn9UNgiN +4nP4 [email protected] j4d1 8In9Un9 JaDi NYA 9W K3 51NI yaNG B1Kin 9W [email protected] 8IN9unG +Ru$ 9W [email protected] [email protected]@ 8inguN9 jug4 9w M4U KE [email protected] [email protected] 94k biKIn Gw bIN9ung t4P1 [email protected] n9381nGUnGIN [email protected] T4nP4 k4+A bIN9uN9 9w [email protected] 8154 8inGun9 Mau gAK M4U 9W 81NGUNg laG1 +AP1 DEN94N [email protected] binGUN9 Gw [email protected] b1n9uNG dI$1ni 9w B1NgUNG DI$4nA 9w bin9UN9 Co84 @da [email protected] BIn9unG Ma [email protected] b1nGun9 1n1 P45ti jad1 bINGunG Ju94 81NgUn9 kAn LU +4P1 [email protected] $383+ulNY4 gw JUg4 b1N9UN9 kAR3na keb1ngUN9aN m4w 8In9UnG [email protected] M4S11h teTeP 4J4 8INGin9 Jug4 +ru5 gw m4W 8IngUNG [email protected]4 [email protected] BINGun9 5AMp3 @KhIrny4 J4dI 8IN9UnG L4gI [email protected] b1NgUn9 9W [email protected] [email protected] G4r42 0R4N9 5E8El4H 9w b1n9unG [email protected] 9 [email protected] @p4 9w J4Di [email protected] 8iN9uNG N DI4 +eru$ [email protected] 54mpe 5aMp3 9w [email protected] 8IN9un9 [email protected] 9w cuB4 U8+uk G 81N9Ung +4Pi [email protected]@[email protected] gW +etep 4J4 81N9UN9 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] +HR34D Y9 81k1N 81n9un9 N 5EmUA [email protected] p4d4 NULI$ Y9 B1n9uNg B1N9Ung S4mpE [email protected] GW B1ngun9 m4W NuLi$ @P4,p4L4gi po5+1nGAn 0rAnG [email protected] [email protected]+45 [email protected] NuL15 81N9unG 8ingUN9 8in9UNG B1N9UN9 Gw J4D1nY4

alay generator parah


2 SD
Level 2
MU$+ B3 5T48BED 5H3 fiPh+y PhUCKin9 tiM3555 i c4N+ 83LIeve it+tt

J4Di B1n9Un9 K4n GW JU94 8IN9uN9 M0 nUl1$ 4P4 [email protected] 8ingUng L14T 4p4 yG mO d184c4 [email protected] b1ngUn9 [email protected] 9w Ju94 8iN9Un9 Mo nul1$ @P4 G4r42 8IN9un9 l14+ [email protected] Y9 Mo [email protected] [email protected] B1n9unG k4N 9w jug4 b1nGUnG mO nuli$ @p4 94R42 BInGUn9 LIat @p4 YG mo D184c4 j4D1 bINgUnG KaN 9w [email protected] B1NGUN9 M0 NULI5 [email protected] G4r42 b1n9uNG Li4t @p4 Yg M0 [email protected] j4dI 81NGung K4n GW jU94 bINGUng m0 nUL1$ 4p4 g4Ra2 8iNgUnG l14T 4pa Y9 mo [email protected] [email protected] bIN9Un9 k4n 9W [email protected] Bingun9 mo nULI5 [email protected] [email protected] 8IN9un9 l14T 4p4 Y9 MO [email protected]@ j4DI 8IN9UNg [email protected] GW [email protected] bIn9uN9 m0 nuL15 @p4 [email protected] 81n9ung L14+ @pa Y9 m0 [email protected]


4 SD
Level 2
by [email protected]

w0uld Y0u $+op @lL +3h L1NEs
C0Min 0ut PhroM y0ur m0UTH
I5n'+ mY $+Ori35 no+ 3n0UGh
+o mucH lIE5 pH0r mE
$0 PLeasE f0r91VE Me

yOuR cAR my hOU53 oUR pHones
Wh3re @ll t3H M3morie$ lIE$

4ll THE tE4R5 TH4T @ReN'+ [email protected]$t3D
4Ll thE 4Ng3r +H4T exPl0D3d
all t3H TH1n95 th4+ W3'Ve 8eEN tHr0U9H
w0UldN'+ [email protected] @ +H1n9 1F WE enD +hI5

y0UR c4r mY H0U$3 ouR phoNe5
wh3re 4Ll tH3 mEMOr135 li3$

@Ll +HE +34R5 [email protected] 4REN'+ [email protected]
4LL th3 4n9ER Th4T ExPLoded
@Ll t3H THInG$ Th4T wE'v3 bEeN +hR0Ugh
w0uLDN'+ P4y @ TH1NG 1pH we end th1$

thi5 15 Ju5+ thE h4lPH P4R+
[email protected] P4R+ 0F My lYriC5

@ll tH3 [email protected] tha+ 4REN'T W45+3d
4LL thE @Nger [email protected]+ ExpL0dED
4Ll teh +h1nG5 +ha+ w3'V3 B33N +hR0ugH
W0Uldn'+ p4y A +Hing iF w3 End +hi$


Level 1
ah gua juga bisa kaga pake generator gitu, gancil

4h 3ngga k0q b4n6
4Q Bn3r4n C3w3Q,
Bn3r4n Dw3cH



Level 2
ini dia lagu kupersembahkan hanya untuk mu

Tak gendong

+4k 9eNDoNG KEM4n4 - [email protected]
[email protected] g3nd0nG [email protected] - mAN4
4$eK +OH m4Nt3p TOh
D4Ri p4d4 kAMu Na1k [email protected]
KeD1n9In4N [email protected] [email protected] 93nD0n9
enAK D0nK [email protected] d0Nk
4yoO0 M4u KEMan4 ?

[email protected] 93ndoN9 K3m4NA - MAn4
+4k 93ndoNg kEM4N4 - [email protected]
WeR33E 4RY0U G0In9
0K.. 1`@m h0k1N9
w3R33E 4rY0u DOIN9
0k.. I`4m 8O0k1n9

[email protected] [email protected] hA44...

+4K GeNdon9 [email protected] - mAnA
[email protected] gendON9 KeM4n4 - M4n4
+4K GeND0NG [email protected] - [email protected]@
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