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1337 generator tulisan orang Idiot...

Not open for further replies.


Level 1
+4k GenDONg By Mb4H $o3R13p

+4k GendoN9 [email protected]
T4K 9eND0NG [email protected]
eN4k doNk, M4N+3p doNk
D4r1P4d4 K4mu n4IK pe54w4t K3D1N9InAN
m3Nd1nG4N +4K G3nD0ng TO
En4k +0, m4nT3P +o
4YO.. k3Man4

TAk 93nDoN9 [email protected]
t4K G3Nd0Ng [email protected]
eNak [email protected]

wHEr3 4R3 J00 9o1N9?
OK I'M 8O0k1n9
wH3r3 4r3 J00 G01N9?
OK MY d4rLIng

[email protected]

+4k 93ndON9 [email protected]
[email protected] 9ENdONG kEm4N4-mAn4
[email protected] doNK, [email protected] dONk
[email protected]@ k4mU [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] [email protected] 9end0Ng To
[email protected] to, M4ntep t0
4Y0.. M4U [email protected]

t4k 93ndOnG [email protected]
+4K GEnD0N9 [email protected]@
[email protected] tau

wh3re @re j00 g01nG?
Ok 1'm 8O0k1n9
wh3Re ARE J00 g01Ng?
Ok my d4rLInG

h4.. h4...

[email protected] 93NDoN9 kem4n4-M4Na
[email protected] [email protected]
H4.. H4...
H4.. [email protected]
hA.. Ha......



Level 1
wah ini mah bukan tulisan idiot tapi alay.bikin sakit mata bacanya.wkwkwk

1d11111H..K4mYu k0q c4K3P Ban63TTttZzzZ s333hHhH...


Level 1
ganti style ah gw,

DuCh, 0m h0lyEpiL MaNa NiCh?
AkYu KaN Ng3PanS BaNgeUUddHH..!!


Level 2
[email protected] 53lUru|-| |\/|3M83r5 y4N9 p05+Ing 4D4 REGuL45I Y9 |-|4Ru$ [email protected]@TI |)1sI|\|I. 538eLUM [email protected] [email protected]|<4|\| |\/|3n99un4|<4N 5E4rc|-| |)4N 5ATU |-|4L l4g1 Y4|\|G p4L1|\|G pEnTi|\|9 P05+i|\|g f0rUm [email protected] I|\|i +IDa|< 4k4N |)ihITU|\|9 [email protected] |\/|3nG1|\|G4T [email protected] JUn|<3r5 83rsP0r4 Ri4 |)i51|\|1. |\/|0|-|0N mA4P @[email protected]$ 1N1 +4p1 1|\|i |)e|\/|1 |<[email protected]|<4|\| 53|\/|[email protected] t|-|4|\||<5.

po$+ +1|)4|< |)1hi+u|\|9, PHR33 +0 p05+.


3 SD
Level 2
w4LAUpUn 9w [email protected] [email protected] 81n9Un9 uNtUK [email protected]+k4N B1n9un9 NyA I+U,J4di [email protected]@ng 9W b1nguNg jU94 UN+uk menJAdi 9W 8in9uN9 [email protected] [email protected] iNI T4P1 jU94 81ngUng M4 [email protected] i+U [email protected]@uPuN Itu JU94 B1k1n gw bIngUNG 9w +3Rus LAnjuTk4n [email protected] NGEB1N9un9In +aNP4 h4rU5 J4di 81ngUnG j4d1 [email protected] 9W K3 5IN1 Y4ng BIk1N 9w mAK1N 81n9Un9 tRU5 9w [email protected] [email protected] Bin9ung [email protected] gW M4U K3 +EMp4+ Y4nG g4k b1k1N Gw B1n9uNG +4p1 [email protected] n9381n9uNG1n [email protected] +4nP4 k4+4 8in9UNg 9w [email protected] 8154 b1N9UN9 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] GW 8Ingun9 lA91 [email protected] D3N94n K4T4 8INgUn9 gW M3r45A 81N9un9 D15In1 GW 8inGuN9 [email protected] GW bin9UN9 C084 4d4 y4ng 8InGUN9 mA [email protected] bingUNg iNi P45TI [email protected] 8INgUn9 JU94 B1n9uNG K4N lU +4p1 j4d1nY4 $EbETUlNYa gw JU94 8INgun9 [email protected] [email protected] M4W 8iNGUNg [email protected] M4511h +3tEP [email protected] 81NGinG JU94 Tru5 9W [email protected] b1ngUN9 J4diny4 t4M84H b1N9UnG S4Mp3 @[email protected] [email protected] b1ngUNg l4G1 [email protected] 8in9UNG Gw jadi k38IN9uN94N g4R42 0R4n9 [email protected] 9w bIN9un9 K4REN4 9 +4w 4p4 GW j4D1 t4MB4h 81nGuNg N Di4 T3RU$ K381N9un9an [email protected] 54Mp3 GW [email protected] 81n9UnG +4pi GW CU84 U8tUk 9 B1ngUN9 [email protected] [email protected] gW +3tEp 4J4 B1NgUN9 P4l4G1 [email protected] b4cA [email protected] yg B1k1N 81n9Un9 n 53mu4 0r4n9 [email protected] nULI5 Y9 81NGUng bin9Ung 54mp3 [email protected] 9w 8InGuN9 m4W Nul1$ @pa,[email protected] Po$t1n9An 0R4n9 [email protected] D14+45 [email protected] nUl15 B1n9UNG 81N9Un9 b1nGung 81nGung gw [email protected] bin9un9 [email protected] 4KHiRNY4 [email protected] 81NGUnG La9i KAr3n4 BInGUN9 9W [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 0r4Ng $3bElAH GW b1nGUn9 [email protected] 9 [email protected] @p4 gw j4d1 t4m84h 81nGUN9 n [email protected] t3ru$ k3Bin9un94N 54mp3 $4mp3 9w [email protected] 81n9UN9 [email protected] gW [email protected] u8+uk 9 b1Ngun9 +4Pi [email protected]@ Gw T3t3P @j4 81NgUn9 [email protected] 54m81l 84cA [email protected] y9 81k1N 8IN9UNg N 53Mu4 0rAN9 [email protected] NULi$ yG b1N9Un9 81N9UnG [email protected] SaMPE 9w 8InGUng m4W NUL15 [email protected],[email protected] gw JUG4 b1nGuNg [email protected] kE8IN9UNG4n [email protected] 81n9Un9 +4pI m4$11H t3+3P 4j4 b1nGing ju94 +Ru5 Gw MAw Bin9UnG J4DiNy4 T4m84H bInGUn9 54Mpe 4KHIRny4 JAD1 8IN9Un9 [email protected] [email protected] b1n9uNG gW [email protected] KEb1N9uNg4n 94r42 oranG $e83L4h gW 8iNGung [email protected] g +4W 4P4 9w [email protected] [email protected] BiN9un9 n [email protected] T3Ru5 kEB1n9uNgAn [email protected] $Amp3 gw [email protected] 81n9unG T4PI gw cU84 Ub+uk G BIN9ung +4Pi [email protected] Gw +3TeP 4j4 b1NguNg PaL49I $4M81L Bac4 +HR34D y9 BIk1N 81NGUn9 n 53mU4 [email protected] [email protected] NUlI5 Y9 8iN9UN9 81NGuNG [email protected] [email protected] Gw B1NGunG m4W NuLI5 [email protected],[email protected] p0S+IN94n 0r4ng oraN9 [email protected]+4$ [email protected] nuLi5 8InGUNg BINgun9 bin9unG bINGUnG 9w [email protected]@

[email protected] gw J4d1 NY4 B1NguN9 uNtUk Mel4NJuTk4n bINgUNg [email protected] 1TU,[email protected] [email protected] 9W 81N9UN9 juG4 UN+Uk m3njadI 9W 8Ingun9 [email protected] [email protected] 1N1 T4pi ju94 b1n9UNG m4 Y4ng 1Tu [email protected] 1+U jU9a b1kIN 9W 8In9uNG 9w +eru$ L4nJuTk4n Y4N9 N9EBIn9UNgiN +4nP4 [email protected] j4d1 8In9Un9 JaDi NYA 9W K3 51NI yaNG B1Kin 9W [email protected] 8IN9unG +Ru$ 9W [email protected] [email protected]@ 8inguN9 jug4 9w M4U KE [email protected] [email protected] 94k biKIn Gw bIN9ung t4P1 [email protected] n9381nGUnGIN [email protected] T4nP4 k4+A bIN9uN9 9w [email protected] 8154 8inGun9 Mau gAK M4U 9W 81NGUNg laG1 +AP1 DEN94N [email protected] binGUN9 Gw [email protected] b1n9uNG dI$1ni 9w B1NgUNG DI$4nA 9w bin9UN9 Co84 @da [email protected] BIn9unG Ma [email protected] b1nGun9 1n1 P45ti jad1 bINGunG Ju94 81NgUn9 kAn LU +4P1 [email protected] $383+ulNY4 gw JUg4 b1N9UN9 kAR3na keb1ngUN9aN m4w 8In9UnG [email protected] M4S11h teTeP 4J4 8INGin9 Jug4 +ru5 gw m4W 8IngUNG [email protected] [email protected] BINGun9 5AMp3 @KhIrny4 J4dI 8IN9UnG L4gI [email protected] b1NgUn9 9W [email protected] [email protected] G4r42 0R4N9 5E8El4H 9w b1n9unG [email protected] 9 [email protected] @p4 9w J4Di [email protected] 8iN9uNG N DI4 +eru$ [email protected] 54mpe 5aMp3 9w [email protected] 8IN9un9 [email protected] 9w cuB4 U8+uk G 81N9Ung +4Pi [email protected]@[email protected] gW +etep 4J4 81N9UN9 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] +HR34D Y9 81k1N 81n9un9 N 5EmUA [email protected] p4d4 NULI$ Y9 B1n9uNg B1N9Ung S4mpE [email protected] GW B1ngun9 m4W NuLi$ @P4,p4L4gi po5+1nGAn 0rAnG [email protected] [email protected]+45 [email protected] NuL15 81N9unG 8ingUN9 8in9UNG B1N9UN9 Gw J4D1nY4

alay generator parah

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