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1337 generator tulisan orang Idiot...

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6 SD
Level 2
tulisanya om hovil trus diubah jadi alay:

C3|< 1|\|I \/\/e8 8U4T 81|<in tUl154N Lu o+o|\/|Ati5 J4di OrA|\|9 iDI0+ 53Mu4...


P5: |-|4RAp r3PlY |)iB4\/\/4|-| ME|\|G9uN4|<@|\| g3|\|[email protected]+or |)iaT4$ 5e|\/|[email protected] |)4|\| [email protected]|\| |\/|E|\|99U|\|@k4n +ul1$4n I|)I0t d1 +HR34d 5el41|\| +|-|Re4D fR33 +O po5+ (Bi|<in pu51Ng |\/|e|\/|beR |\|4|\|+I...). |<4lo |)I$i|\|i p3R|<U|\/|PuL4|\| I|)Io+ m4h bEb45...

|\/|[email protected] :

|-|0lYe\/1l [email protected]|\|9 [email protected]|\|+3nG 5uP3R, |\||)4 4|)4 Y4|\|g |\|G4L4|-|I|\| |<394Nt3|\|g4|\| [email protected]

|)4R1 [email protected] $4|\/|p3 M3r4uK3, D4R1 [email protected]|\|[email protected] [email protected]|\/|p3 pul4u r0tE..

9o id1O+ g0 ...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
apa jadinya klo dialaykan 1x lg..?

C3|< 1|\|i \/\/38 8u4T 81|<I|\| tuL154|\| LU 0+0|\/|4+i5 j4|)i 0R4|\|9 1|)i0+ 53|\/|u4...


P5: |-|4r4P r3ply |)1b4\/\/4|-| M3|\|G9un4|<@|\| 93|\|[email protected]+0r |)i4+4$ 53|\/|[email protected] |)4|\| J4|\|[email protected]|\| |\/|3|\|99u|\|@|<4|\| +Ul1$4n 1|)10+ |)1 +|-|R34D 5eL41|\| +|-|rE4|) Phr33 +o Po5+ (b1|<1n pu51NG |\/|E|\/|b3R |\|4|\|+i...). |<4lO |)1$1|\|i p3r|<u|\/|puL4|\| i|)10+ |\/|4|-| Beb45...

|\/|[email protected] :

|-|0lY3\/1l 3|\/|@|\|9 [email protected]|\|+3|\|G 5uP3R, |\||)4 4|)4 Y4|\|9 |\|94L4|-|1|\| |<394|\|T3|\|94|\| |)[email protected]

|)4r1 [email protected]|\|9 $4|\/|P3 |\/|3r4u|<3, d4R1 |\/|[email protected]|\|[email protected] [email protected]|\/|P3 PUl4u R0+E..

9o Id10+ 90 ...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yg bisa bacanya mantap
Not open for further replies.